Studio News

Melissa is in Seattle! Now what happens?

Yesterday I began researching studio spaces in earnest. Not long into the process, after reading about several types of studio spaces online located all around the city, I ran into Activspace. Having heard about them from a few people I really wanted to see one, as most people I had spoken with had decried their less-than-romantic architecture. Of course being an interior designer… well, you know.

In my travels I also had heard about, which I then found online, a local gift store that sells jewellery, and who also rent out space. At this site, and at the Activspace one too, I saw the same name pop up, which made me inquisitive. Why was she not renting at Venue? Upon seeing her website full of beautiful work, I noticed a reference to a ring made for ‘Mum’. Hmmm.

After some more investigation, I took a punt and sent off an email to local jeweller Amy Bixby. She is a Seattle resident, who originally hails from New Zealand. She kindly agreed to meet with me, and soon after welcomed me into her beautiful and tidy studio space to chat about the ins and outs of studio rental in Seattle. She was a wealth of studio info, and also gave me tips on Seattle business rules and the details of stocking and working at Venue. They have a great system where if you agree to work for them regularly, they will up your commission. Clever.

After this adventure I went and purchased two lights at Glazers Camera, which is conveniently located a 5 minute walk from our apartment. It also happens to lie between the apartment and Amazon’s offices, so I had a little help lugging the gear home.

These are the first in a list of replacements that I’ll be getting in the next little while. I usually had my lighting rig set up at home so that I could photograph works on the weekend and because my studio was just too small (and meaty perfumed/dusty). Until I have my studio I can’t really start ordering the bigger items but at least having the lights makes me feel like I’ve progressed.

And should we happen to have a party here in our Aussie ghetto I’ll be able to light up the place like the MCG!