Recently, while talking about my work in Seoul, I promised local legend Woo Jin Soon that I would sign my works, after she looked at the backs of my pieces and noted no notation. I completely forgot, until I finished my latest plate work, and thought to myself  ‘a promise is a promise’.

In preparation I borrowed a really fabulous micro motor from a friend, as my old Forbo is a hand me down, and has quite a kick to it. Also, I was keen not to spoil my work, and given that I’m not that hot at engraving, I wanted to give myself any head start I could!

I went to Koodak and had a chat about what bits to use – I’d seen mostly round ones in some demo’s on the net, but there is a proper engraving bit also, so I got a couple of each version, in 0.9mm and 0.7mm.

Then I practiced. Different metals do different things. Different speeds do different things. Different bits do different things. In the end I just had to choose, and hope for the best.

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