Ted Talk

An architect who thinks more like a jewellist…

Here’s a Ted talk in which the words “precious”, “jewellery”, “beads”, “intricate”, “texture” and “seeds” are all used. Sounds like jewellery, yes? Nope…

In this piece, Thomas Heatherwick of Heatherwick Studio is talking about various art, architectural and engineering projects. Turns out that one project he displayed in the talk even used a jewellery technique to inform the design of a 15 tonne installation.

From Heatherwick Studio’s description:

“Following extensive experimentation, pouring molten metal into water was found to create extraordinary and complex forms in a fraction of a second. No two experiments produced the same result. Over four hundred of these were produced before a five centimetre piece was created and selected as it was felt it would work well with the building and is the basis of the final thirty metre project.”


Thanks to Peter Johns over at Butterpaper for the heads up.