Day 18 in Bristol

Curtains for me…

On the newest building on campus, the one that now serves as the main focus at the entry points – either by foot or via road, there is a neon sign which reads (their capitals):


Looking at it now makes me miss the lack of punctuation. On first appraisal it reminded me of a Ben Folds song Not The Same, and the old maxim that everything you do – or don’t do – changes you. That train of thought made it seem a little naff; in that someone would choose to have so obvious a text serve as the introduction to a cluster of campus buildings, especially at an art school.

And yet…

As I was driven out of the car park today for the last time by Jess I stared at it pretty hard.


Curtains for Elizabeth…

Elizabeth is now in the throes of cleaning out the enamel research studio at UWE. Her position has been made redundant, and without her in enamel research, there is no-one to fire the big kiln, so it will close. She will take her enamels, her work, and her knowledge away with her.

She, and everyone in the studio, has been working hard to finish up Antony’s commission, and Anamika (the last artist-in-residence, from Chennai) left Bristol early in May. Elizabeth and Jessica hope to set up their own studio in the near future, and as for the immediate future, Elizabeth will be teaching at Penland for the summer.

Meanwhile, I’m in the market for a kiln.