Day 16

Day 16 in Bristol, Melissa is up to more shenanigans with enamel and enamellists.

We’re on the home stretch of my Bristolian odyssey. Day 16 and I’m still in the studio, working on my latest hoard of washers. I’ve finally caught Antony, he of the large cooker panels. He also happens to have an interest in hexagons, so later we bond over their architectural and jewellery potential. Ergo, me photographing him as he shoots my pieces;

Antony photographs my works-in-progress. We're all papparazzi in this studio...

As for me, I’m trying to average 100 freshly coated and fired washers a day. Yeah, that’s loads of washers…

What Antony was taking a photo of... More washers!
More trussed washers, fired - foreground section has a second coating of a beautiful GREEN!