Waaay back on March 25th I flew from Bristol to Edinburgh, and arrived just in time for a Friday night on the town. Alice, an MFA student from Edinburgh College of Art, organised drinks in the Grassmarket with a bunch of other jewellery students and the odd architect, writer and architect/writer. We had great chats and I was treated to some palm reading and local dance moves before they kindly deposited me back at the hotel when the pub closed.

I wandered around and through the Castle the next day, and on Sunday I caught up with The Justified Sinner (aka Dauvit Alexander, maker of jewellery and lecturer in same) for a trip around the city itself, which meandered, amongst other places, into a car-park flea market and the National Museum of Scotland. The market was brilliant, I scored a few great pieces (of the usual tin-and-coaster variety), and the displays in the museum were pretty amazing too.

Like in Milan I was really impressed with this exhibition design, and the willingness to alter the mood of the place with the architecture in favour of, or even deference to, the works on show. It wasn’t always the case throughout the museum, but I thought it was really noticeable, and of considerable benefit, in the few key areas that it was done.

Also at Dauvit’s suggestion I popped into Greyfriars Kirkyard on my way past. I’ve since learned it’s supposed to be the most haunted place in Edinburgh. Luckily I didn’t come out with any new bruises…

The next day I headed into the Edinburgh College of Art to meet some of the students and give a lunchtime talk on my practice. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with the really talented and dedicated students – and staff – all of whom gave me a warm welcome.