got gas?

My Grandma, a Canadian born Australian, always said when you’d finally mastered something under her tuition “now you’re cookin with gas.” I’ve latterly suspected it was something to do with advertising, and it was a phrase she picked up ‘back home’. (Turns out when you google it, that’s pretty much what they say.)

So I had to send a picture to my Dad today to tell him I was finally ‘cookin with gas’ in my own studio. I’d like to think that for anyone who has set up their own studio, the moment the torch is fully operational is the one where you think you’re finally getting somewhere. Or maybe it’s just me. It’s ok, I’m used to being alone on these things… To me being able to solder today felt like an achievement.

In a similar vein, I also remember a sticker on the wall of my tech drawing classroom in high school. It said “HAND A GIRL A SPANNER”. Today I bought one, to set up my gas.

What else can I say? I’m living the dream!