Home habits

I’m back in moody Melbourne (I’m talking about the weather here, mostly) and trying to get back into the swing of things, since there’s plenty of work to be done. For those still following, the posts on my recent sojourn to Bristol will continue, probably til I run out of things to say. That could take a while, so I’m going to intersperse those posts with my usual; ie, more random guff.

I read the Nervous System blog, (for fairly obvious reasons – jewellers who use CAD and incorporate generative design in their works – what’s not to love?) which recently has done what I think is a very wonderful thing. They have released some of their designs as free files on Thingiverse. What does that mean? Well, the files can now be downloaded and printed, via any favourite 3D printing device or company, at the makers/customers leisure.

Makes me wish I had some sort of extrusion/making machine. I could go a Makerbot; I reckon it would be fun to play around with. However, I think I’m going to invest in a kiln first…