I went to a few galleries in the last week. On Saturday I checked out the V&A for a few hours and then went to Argenta, (on a list of places to visit I was given to visit) which was a bit of a bust, so I didn’t go in. Electrum was good; I’m told that it becoming a part of Contemporary Applied Arts has meant some recent changes and a refit, given it was my first visit it looked like a standard jewellery gallery with white acrylic-box covered plinths and some wall installations. Interesting, mostly British work, with some heavyweights like Wendy Ramshaw in there too.

On Tuesday I finally made it to Lesley Craze gallery – I’d missed it on Saturday due to train lines having works and such. This is a very big space, with quite distinctive glass vitrines and a space for a small show to one side also. Work from everywhere, including Felicity Peters from Australia. (I wrote down who was showing but left it in the UK, so I’ll update with the ‘show’ info)

I next went to Gallery So, but it wasn’t open on Tuesdays so I didn’t get in. From peeking in the window it seemed to be a graphic based show. Next I stopped by at Studio Fusion which specialises in enamel works and which is owned cooperatively by a group of artists, which includes Elizabeth Turrell. I made a quick call past the Tate Modern to see Ai Weiwei‘s work in the main hall, which after all the controversy around the dust it was inducing, is no longer able to be walked on. (This is a great shame, as I think the work is less affecting because of it, but more on that another time.)

Finally, I went out to see the Fused exhibition at Flow Gallery, which was absolutely amazing. I think that was the pick of the bunch, and as always I almost didn’t make it so I was especially happy that I went. I really liked Helen Carnac’s work (which you can see on her blog) as well as Bettina Dittlmann‘s. There were others that impressed also, but again, notes are back in Bristol, and I’m in Munich.

More on that soon. (I know, I seem to have  perpetual Munich teaser running through the blog. I will share soon, promise!)


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