ch ch ch ch changes

You might notice that I’ve pulled the “brought to you by AusCo” message from the sidebar of this site. Yup, I’m officially no longer an ArtStarter so I thought it proper to take it down. But big congrats to the newly minted batch – you’re in for a big year!

However… (Notwithstanding the questionable syntax of starting a sentence with ‘However’. ) My new funding – for the residency at UWE – has just kicked in. Given this is for a specific purpose, and to make the website search-able by this topic, I’ve added an ‘Australia Council’ category, so posts about the impending trip, and posts while in Bristol will be marked by this category. And any future funding from them, I guess… (fingers crossed!)

I’ve also added a Twitter link. I’ve borrowed the pic from Turbo. He’s a burgeoning graphic designer (and full time geek.) His specialty is old-skool 8 bit graphics.