I’ve been racking up some miles in the last week, having an in-person look at some sandblasting equipment, and carting tools and equipment around the city. As promised I went out to Dandenong last Friday to check out what Hare and Forbes had to say (not much on the cabinet, but a little more forthcoming on air compressors) and earlier today it was off to Pan Abrasives to check out a blast cabinet that’s on special.

It seems that owning a compressed air unit that’s big enough for the type of cabinet that I want to run might be a challenge, as many of the larger units need to run off a 15 amp power supply, and not your regular 10 amp wiring. Still, that may not be a problem, given that I’m still not sure on the best choice of blast cabinet.

Bob at Pan this morning showed us around, giving myself and my friend a quick lesson on how to adjust and take care of your sandblaster. Plus he threw in a quick pitch about sandblast grit which will definitely be of use in the future. He even gave advice on what to do to get the most out of a cheaper model should I happen to go with the one which I had been comparing his product to. In all I left quite impressed. And keen to take one of his machines home! (If only I didn’t have to think about cost, oh and how to get it up the stairs in the studio…)

I also managed to score a few pieces of second hand equipment late last week, some of which I delivered to the (still incomplete) studio. I had to hire a ute in Elwood to do the carting, while the muscle was provided by TurboNerd.