I *heart* my studio

Melissa comes over all romantic towards her studio.

My studio is in St Kilda
It is bounded on two sides by a meatworks
My landlady runs a work-for-the-dole scheme out of a front room. The group is currently painting a mural on a Telstra-owned building at the end of the street.
My desk is propped up to jewellist’s height by: the pallet that my sandblaster came on (on the rhs) and about 40 sheets of cardboard (on the lhs)

The meatworks cleans down its large tubs daily outside one window of my studio, with a high pressure water cleaner.
The noise this generates is too loud for my stereo with The Decemberists, The New Pornographers or Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes to compete with. It is even too loud for Future of the Left.

It is not louder than my hearing protection and air compressor/sandblaster combination. Not on my side of the wall, anyway.