a rapid ring – part 1

Melissa expands on her recent rapid prototyping experience

I mentioned previously that I did a short course in Rapid Prototyping at RMIT, and that at the end of the course we would have a printed object to show for our labours. Well, this image is of the machine that last week finished printing out my ring. The rings on the bed in this shot belong to some of the other students in my class.

I’m mentioning it again because today I get to go pick up my actual printed wax ring! I’m going to bring it home and photograph it (and show it off to TurboNerd) before I get it cast. If I do get it cast – I kinda like the colour and texture of the wax, though it’s not really very stable for wear.

Will the wax melt on this warm spring day and destroy our heroine’s Rino-assisted vision? Can she get the model home without breaking it (unlike her ‘baby analogue’ egg that was squashed before first siren back in year 7… Its ‘hair’ got caught in the zipper of it’s ‘safety pouch’ [read bum-bag]…)? Will it actually fit? (I’m pretty sure I’m a size ‘K’…)

Make sure that you tune in for the conclusion of this exciting adventure tomorrow!!

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