**Deadlines Special** Schmuck 2013

For the second year in a row, the deadlines for Schmuck and Talente entries have changed.

From the Chamber of Skilled Trades for Munich and Upper Bavaria website:

On the following pages, you will be able to make an online application to the Chamber of Skilled Trades in Munich for special exhibitions. The deadline is 10th October 2013 (Schmuck) or 15th October 2013 (Talente).

Perhaps they use the 1st of October as a placeholder date each year, before they finalise it?… two weeks beforehand?? Meh, who am I to question, I am just happy about the reprieve! And yes, I’m still working on my last piece. Did I mention I’m busy this weekend teaching an enamelling class?

Good luck y’all!

two things: News from Portland

Hola! So summer is officially over in Seattle. The sky has switched back to its default position, rain, and I’ve had to turn the heat back on.

So Turbo and I went to Portland on Friday for a meeting. Well, I went for a meeting, Turbo was in on it because it’s Portland. The upshot of the meeting, with the retail manager and the wonderful gallery staff of the Museum of Contemporary Craft gallery store, is that my work is now stocked in Portland. Check it out if you’re in the area. They are the first in the world to stock my new collection of rings; hopefully I’ll get some down to Australia pretty soon too.

Parallel Planes Ring 4. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel, 2013. © Melissa Cameron
Parallel Planes Ring 4. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel, 2013. © Melissa Cameron

The second thing – ever since our last trip to Portland and my first visit to the Museum (in August for Turbo’s birthday – which, yes, precipitated the current trip), I’ve been following Namita Wiggers, Director and Chief Curator of the Museum on twitter, and also her tumblr blog. And yesterday she posted this, which I thought was really interesting, especially if you consider it in context of what several writers say about contemporary jewellery:

Design is a vessel. There’s the whole Buddhist thing about the essence of a bowl being its emptiness—that’s why it’s useful. Its emptiness allows it to hold something. I guess that means that design must talk about something else. If you make design about design, you’re just stacking bowls, and that’s not what bowls are for.

Unlike dogs, design isn’t about design but about something else – a conversation with Frank Chimero, author of The Shape of Design, on The Great Discontent. (TGD also did an interview with yours truly here.)

Frank Chimero: Design and Bowls…. #objectfocusbowl

(via explore-blog)

Interesting, no?

Thanks PDX. We’ll visit again soon, promise.

Deadlines September 2013

Upcoming opportunities to exhibit, learn, earn or perhaps even teach, from all over the place. Take a look at the huge list on offer – it still must be Deadline Season…

And don’t forget on the 28th and 29th of September I’m teaching Kiln-Fired Liquid Enamelling on Steel in Seattle. (It’s my blog and I’ll plug me if I want to!)

** New additions **

Opportunities with deadlines

Toyota Emerging Artist Award – Aussies only, this one has a residency as a prize plus $1000 cash. Deadline September 23rd 2013.

National Library of Australia Japan Study Grants. Live outside of Canberra? (Sorry Zoe Brand…) Have an interest in studying all things Japanese at the National Library. Are an Aussie resident? Get some cash to visit Canberra! Closing date 30th September 2013.

2014 Asialink Arts Residency Program. Aussie permanent residents or citizens only. Get a grant for a residency practically anywhere in Asia. Deadline 5 pm EST Monday 30 September 2013.

Leap Awards for emerging craft artists, courtesy of the Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh. Deadline October 1, 2013.

Mesa Arts Center 35th Annual Contemporary Crafts. A national juried exhibition of all craft media (in the USA). Deadline Friday Oct 18 2013.

Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium. Hosted annually by the Seattle Metals Guild, this one will take place on Saturday the 19th of October. Check it out!

** Saul Bell Design Award presented annually by Rio Grande with varying categories, including student. Deadline September 27 2013.

Kiln-Fired Liquid Enamelling on Steel. Come to Danaca Design in the University district of Seattle and learn the basics of enamelling on steel (with sandblasting thrown in to boot) from me! The class runs on the 28th and 29th of September, 10.30am – 5pm.

** Schmuck and Talente. It’s that time of year again folks where our collective consciousness turns towards Munich and wherein we email our best and brightest works of the last 2 years for their approval/inclusion into the annual Schmuck juried award exhibition, held in March the following year. More details on Schmuck here, and if you’re under 35, why not try Talente here? Deadline for applications, October 1, every year.

** Light of the Moon – Exhibition with a lunar theme being held at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts’ Sandra J. Blain Galleries, juried by Namita Gupta Wiggers, Director and Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Craft|PNCA. Deadline 15th of October 2013.

Gemological Institute of America 2014 Scholarships. “Scholarships are available for distance education eLearning courses and for classes at the Institute’s campuses in Bangkok, Carlsbad, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York and Taiwan; and at the GIA branch in Dubai.” (thanks to Crafthaus) Deadline October 31st 2013.

Transforming Viewpoints: A National Juried Exhibition (USA). Calling for “work [that] explores issues of multicultural diversity, in any medium”. Deadline: October 31, 2013.

Eco Arts Awards. Annual online thematic arts competition. Application Dates:
Apr 25, 2013 – Nov 4, 2013.

REFINED VIII: Maker’s Choice. REFINED is a biennial exhibition of jewelry and metalwork hosted by the Art Metals program in the School of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University. I’ve been in this one, it’s a good show! Deadline 9th December 2013.

TOP Jewels – National Jewelry Design Exhibition, “A showcase featuring the very best artists working in the medium of jewelry design to educate the public about their craft.” USA only exhibition opportunity, entries through CaFE. Deadline April 11th 2014.

New Traditional Jewellery 2014. As a part of the SIERAAD arts fair in Amsterdam, this competition has taken ‘ CONFRONTATIONS’ as the 2014 theme. Registration due 1st June 2014.

Undated Opportunities

Studio 20/17 seeks guest curators. How often does a well established gallery invite people to play inside their walls? Get amongst it!

Patina Gallery seeks Master International Artists. Make ‘Soul-Stirring’ works? Wanna be one of 3 artists added to their stable? No deadline, but post went up Jan 23rd, so perhaps sooner rather than later?

Tributaries: Call for entries. The Metal Museum, in Memphis, has an ongoing call for exhibitions from emerging and mid-career artists. First deadline Feb 2013, for upcoming shows, and they keep applications on file for 2 years.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts + Sciences in North Carolina have a permanent exhibition call out, with shows booked 2-3 years in advance.

Lord Coconut in Melbourne has outdone himself by publishing this listing of opportunities for artists in his gallery. As ever, this is to exhibit jewellery for men. Thanks to Karen at Melbourne Jeweller for the heads up.

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More on enamel


I’ve cracked the code! This is Thompson Enamel’s ground coat:


Also known throughout the Enamel on Steel – some insights article as Grip Coat and otherwise known as an enamel undercoat, this enamel, when applied as a base layer, will help enamels applied over the top to stick to the steel.

I had mentioned that WG Ball had a version yet despite my inklings that they also did one, I could never find it on the Thompson site. Until now!

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s the small things…

Enamel on Steel – Workshop!!

I’ve finally updated my details and added new photos to my Klimt02 page, and in the process the lovely Karin Roy Andersson of Klimt02 has also added a Workshop listing for my forthcoming weekend workshop.

“What, a weekend workshop?!” I hear you exclaim.

Why yes, gentle reader, I’m going to be teaching Seattlites (an anyone who can get to Danaca Design in the University District of Seattle from 10:30am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday September 28th and 29th) the basics of liquid enamelling onto sandblasted steel, through a workshop entitled:

Kiln-Fired Liquid Enamelling on Steel!

For those of you who visit this blog to read up/keep up to date with the Enamel on Steel – some insights section, this is a golden opportunity to see my working method IN PERSON! I’ll be teaching the use of Thompson’s enamel on both mild and stainless steel, as well as correct sandblasting technique, and there will also be the opportunity to come and fondle some of the samples that I have posted previously on this site.

Love to see you there!

Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Small Metals

…is still travelling, and has just hit the University of Arkansas, Little Rock Art Gallery, where it will stay until the 2nd of October. See an image of my piece here. The work has just been cleaned in preparation for this outing so go check it out! And if not for my works, then go to see the amazing pieces by other artists such as Julia Heineccius, Jillian Moore or Stephen Yusko.

I have also just sent six works off to the 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial which will go on display from the 28th of September until the 12 October at the Beijing 798 Art Area. I’ll share some images of the works going on display there soon, but if you saw the Seams Seems show in Melbourne then you will have had a partial spoiler as the Coathanger series is one of the two sets of works that I have sent to China.

The Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor exhibition is also still touring Australia and later this week opens at the Tamworth Regional Gallery in New South Wales. On display in Gallery 2, it opens on the 7th of September and closes on the 19th of October, so get in quick!

Also continuing is the My Australia exhibition, curated by Jasmine Matus and on display in a remote Western Australian  location, the Berkeley River Lodge. The artists involved were asked to respond to a theme, namely to detail “‘your Australia’, what Australia holds true to you with a focus on the natural landscape.” (Text from the invitation to participate.) I responded by asking Jasmine to send me some red soil and sand, as she was in a better position than I to access it at the time. She did, and so the series of works I made, entitled Home Ground, feature just that.

Melissa Cameron, Home Ground Brooch, 2013. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, soil,  925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Home Ground Brooch, 2013. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, soil, 925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Home Ground Pendant, 2013. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, soil,  925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Home Ground Pendant, 2013. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, soil, 925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Home Ground Neckpipece, 2013. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, soil,  925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Home Ground Neckpipece, 2013. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, soil, 925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron

My Australia continues until October, but given the remoteness of the (what I hear is an almost pristine wilderness location) display, I encourage you to check out the images on the website.