Sometimes, this is what I do for a living.

Melissa Cameron. Coat-hanger series 2012. Process shot – raw Australia. Pre blasting and recooking. © MC 2012


I’m running late on ye olde blog post this week, sorry y’all. I don’t like when people use the b*** word, but there’s been shenanigans afoot at the Aussie Embassy to Queen Anne and South Lake Union, which has taken up much time, as well as … dare I say it… precipitated some downtime. (Or as we prefer to say here, we were out of the office on official escort duties.) These were of course all tied to comings and goings at the Embassy.

Work has progressed, mostly unseen, and mostly tied to the reams of deadlines coming up at the end September. I’m getting into my Ferrous application with works I finished in time for my afternoon tea a little while ago, and had to post some earrings to Bilk for an upcoming show in their Canberra Gallery (see image below), of course not to be confused with this, their show at Incinerator Gallery in Melbourne. And then there is new work for this year’s futile entry into Schmuck.

While I’m here, another big congrats to Kaoru Rogers and Amy Zubick (who coincidentally happen to be exhibitors in my online show Coming up from the south) on their recent success at the NCJA awards. The Coming up from the south exhibition runs for another 10 days, and has itself garnered some great and some unusual feedback, which I mentioned earlier and which I still encourage you all to read, especially if you’re a fan of Claire McArdle’s awesome Public Displays of Attention series.

Finally, the big show I’ve been working on opens in less than 2 months!! It’s my first US solo outing (admittedly with 2 other soloists – so it’s more of a one third of a trio show really) and I’ve got one more work, and a bunch of wallpaper, to make. Arrgh!

Melissa Cameron Point earring II, 2012. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, 925 silver posts. © MC

Reflected Perceptions

My good friend jeweller Lousje Skala, who I met when we were fellow MFA students at Monash, is showing her new range of works at Fehily Contemporary in their Loft Gallery space, beginning this Saturday with an opening reception from 3-5pm. The exhibition runs from the 13th of September until the 6th of October.

Lousje Skala, Analogy Bracelet, 2012. ABS, vacuum aluminium coating. 6.5 x 14cm. Photography: Jeremy Dillon

From her invitation media:

Reflected Perceptions is an exhibition of contemporary jewellery by Lousje Skala. Skala uses mirror as leitmotif and metaphor, and reflection as both material and concept. These rich and complex notions, on an intimate scale, investigate the significance of the reflective worn object on the human body. The intention is to fully engage the viewer and to hold as “twere the mirror up to nature” (Hamlet).

Lousje Skala. Photographer: Linda Wachtel

Fehily Contemporary
3a Glasshouse Road Collingwood, Victoria Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday to Saturday: 11:00am to 5:30pm or by appointment

Deadlines: September 2012

Current deadlines. Lots of ’em.

***ARGH! I almost forgot the big one!!***

Craft Forms 2012, call for entry to exhibition for listed craft forms at the Wayne Arts Center. Prizes awarded. Due September 13.

Saul Bell Design Award sponsored by Rio Grande. Works in competition for metals and other prizes, renderings of proposals (which finalists then will make) due September 14.

Heidi Lowe Gallery – Multiples. Submission to be in her annual Multiples exhibition. US residents. Deadline September 15th.

ArtStart – AusCo award for emerging arts professionals. Get one! Due September 20th.

Suspended in Pink – International artist call-out. Pink works wanted for juried exhibition to tour Birmingham, Munich (during Schmuck ’13) and the US. Deadline September 21st.

Art Jewelry Forum – Emerging Artist Award 2012. $7500 + a show at an AJF member gallery, for the best emerging artist. Won last year by Farrah Al-Dujaili. Deadline September 30th.

Niche Awards – US and Canada only, finalists receive publication and are featuredin an exhibition. Sponsored by NICHE magazine to promote fine craft. Deadline September 30

Ferrous – Simultaneous exhibition between Velvet da Vinci Gallery (San Francisco) and Crafthaus, applications close October 1st.

*** Schmuck and Talente 2013. ’nuff said. Deadline October 1st.

Artspace – Fine Contemporary Craft Exhibition Juried exhibition with awards. (Juror is an acquaintance, wonder if that helps?) Last date for submissions, October 4th.

The State Your Politics Show: Applications for politically themed works of jewellery, to be exhibited at A Jewelers Art Gallery in Oklahoma City. Closes October 15th

Indiana University Program for International Visiting Artist-in-Residence (PIVA): International artists are paid to teach for a term at Indiana University Bloomington. Entries open September 1st and close November 15th.

Preziosa Young 2013. Must be under the age of 35 for all of 2013. Eight finalists are selection for exhibition in Florence, Italy, 2013* Due December 15th.

La Frontera (trans. the borderlands). Exhibition about the US/Mexico border at Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City and Velvet da Vinci gallery, San Francisco. Submission deadline Jan 30 2013.


*Details are a little thin. There was no exhibition this year (apparently due to poor entries?!) but in 2011 there was an exhibition and prize of a 2000 Euro voucher towards rental of a booth at Inhorgenta 2013 awarded to Kim Heejoo (who I was lucky enough to meet while I was in South Korea last year). In 2010 Erin Keys and I were in the exhibition, and there was no prize. Our works travelled for over a year, appearing in Florence, Inhorgenta Munich and in Poland.


[disclaimer – please check all dates for veracity, for only a fool would rely on my tiny brain…]


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Bilk On Tour

Opening this Saturday the 15th of September at The Incinerator Gallery, in the City of Moonee Valley in Melbourne is an exhibition entitled Bilk on Tour. Curated by Richard Ennis of Incinerator and Helen Aitken – Kuhnen of Bilk in Canberra, the show will be held in a Walter Burley Griffin designed building that, as its current title suggests, used to house the Essendon Incinerator.

From the Incinerator Gallery website:

Bilk on Tour is an exhibition curated by designer and teacher Helen Aitken-Kuhnen of Bilk Gallery in Canberra, surveying the field of Australian jewellery design and metal-smithing, featuring over 30 artists.  It will travel to the Incinerator Art Space  in Willoughby, Sydney, after the exhibition at the Incinerator Gallery.

I am lucky enough to have some works in the show, which is due to run from:

15th September – 21st October at
180 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds
Incinerator on Facebook

after which the Incinerator Art Space at the City of Willoughby in Sydney with play host from the 31st of October to the 25th of November.

Please head along and let me know what it looks like!

And finally…  Throw the streamers and set off the flash-pots, this is my 500th post!

Coming up from the south or Rumble in the jungle?

One may be permitted a moment’s pause over the title of this post, but it alludes to some recent rumblings posted about an online exhibition I have recently curated. In fact, the show that I mentioned to y’all just yesterday.

Furious dialogue has broken out about the Coming up from the south online exhibition over at Crafthaus. It’s like a melee, only craftier! (By that I mean less attempts at violence, more tea and biscuits…)

Never fear, my southern friends in craft, we all know that’s what the comments box was made for!