get a handle on yourself

Melissa gets a handle on things

Yesterday at the Benjamin Lignel workshop, half of the group were instructed to make a handle (an object that invited use, touching – it could subvert that also, repelling the user in some way even) in two hours. The other half had to make a pin. Then we swapped works, and the handlers put a handle onto the existing pin, and the pinners put a pin on the handle.

Here’s my handle, it’s in modelling card.

I’ve not whittled before…

I quite enjoyed it though

I wonder what’s in store for us today?

new news

new news! Melissa is doing a workshop this week with Benjamin Lignel.

Today I begin a week long workshop with Benjamin Lignel. He’s a designer/jeweller/historian… To further explain, this is part of what I wrote about him in my MFA thesis document 2009:

” Benjamin Lignel has trained in philosophy and literature, art history and furniture design. He explains on the Italian Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo (the Association for Contemporary Jewellery) website, that his work  “continues to offer a design-led alternative to our craft-based profession: as an extended family of individual objects that hope to tackle specific aspects of body adornment” … Lignel’s works are made to engage with the machine, as the co-creator and as a muse.  Because of this his works exhibit a design methodology.  In order to fully engage with the machine he must, at every stage of design and manufacture, strive to reconcile his intent with the fast barriers that mass-production brings to his works.  Lignel is well equipped, in both philosophical and practical terms, to deal with the ramifications of his manufacturing process.  If design can be considered a way of finding new solutions to existing problems, Lignel is a jewellery designer.”

Exhibition Opportunities

Melissa finds some more exhibition opportunities, with a little help from NAVA and twitter

I’ve been looking at these two and weighing up whether I have the time +/ inclination. On the + side I think there should be jewellery exhibited in every art prize in the country. On the – side: I’m running out of hours/day.

Stan + Maureen Duke Gold Coast Art Prize

Gosford Art Prize

And then there’s this:

AusCo Creative Australia Fellowships

but there’s plenty of time to get onto that one yet.

Next JMGA conference

The JMGA next conference is in Brisvegas, in 2013.

Many people will have seen this, but I think it’s worth reposting. The next JMGA conference was due to take place in Brisbane in 2012, but has been postponed by the organising committee. From Kit and Caboodle:

“After much consideration we have decided to postpone the 2012 JMGA Conference.

We had previously indicated we would hold it in 2012, as is expected of a biennial conference.  This is not a decision we have taken lightly.  We apologise for being a little slow in responding to requests for information, but we were hesitant to publish information until we had made some crucial decisions.

Most of you will be aware that Queensland has had its fair share of natural disasters this year.  In Brisbane while most things are up and running, there is still a long way to go in terms of returning to ‘normal’. The effect of such an event cannot be underestimated; many people are still without homes, and many businesses are yet to reopen.  To put it simply, we’ve had to direct our attention and energies elsewhere in the short term. We are confident that scheduling for 2013 will allow us the time and space we need to organise an exciting and dynamic conference.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What we can tell you now is that we are extremely pleased to have confirmed the title and theme, the venue and the dates.

Participation and Exchange valuing the participative community
12-14 JULY 2013
State Library of Queensland.

We are pleased to confirm the State Library of Queensland as a sponsor and will be using their fabulous venue for the conference.”

Good luck to the team.

Online Exhibition

Melissa has images in an online exhibition on Crafthaus. Everybody’s works are pretty groovy.

Today marks the beginning of Piece Progressions, an online exhibition on Crafthaus that several of my pictures are involved in, which was curated by fellow-jewellist Miriam Rowe. The title is fairly eloquent in its explanation of the theme, in that the eight images included from each artist are meant to illustrate the making process of a single piece. There is also a brief commentary from each artist to explain the images.

The work I’m showing off in this ‘virtual’ gallery is currently in Sydney taking part in the Love Lace exhibition. (I might have mentioned that exhibition earlier sometime? ;))

There is of course an exception to the static image presentations, a wonderful video by Jen Townsend of her ”Queen of the Night” necklace. So clever!