Next JMGA conference

Many people will have seen this, but I think it’s worth reposting. The next JMGA conference was due to take place in Brisbane in 2012, but has been postponed by the organising committee. From Kit and Caboodle:

“After much consideration we have decided to postpone the 2012 JMGA Conference.

We had previously indicated we would hold it in 2012, as is expected of a biennial conference.  This is not a decision we have taken lightly.  We apologise for being a little slow in responding to requests for information, but we were hesitant to publish information until we had made some crucial decisions.

Most of you will be aware that Queensland has had its fair share of natural disasters this year.  In Brisbane while most things are up and running, there is still a long way to go in terms of returning to ‘normal’. The effect of such an event cannot be underestimated; many people are still without homes, and many businesses are yet to reopen.  To put it simply, we’ve had to direct our attention and energies elsewhere in the short term. We are confident that scheduling for 2013 will allow us the time and space we need to organise an exciting and dynamic conference.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What we can tell you now is that we are extremely pleased to have confirmed the title and theme, the venue and the dates.

Participation and Exchange valuing the participative community
12-14 JULY 2013
State Library of Queensland.

We are pleased to confirm the State Library of Queensland as a sponsor and will be using their fabulous venue for the conference.”

Good luck to the team.

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