Merry Christmas y’all!

Now, go on and have a drink for me. Or enjoy a nap after your big Christmas feast and tell your guests/hosts that I said it was all right – I’m into naps AND beverages – after all, it’s Christmas!

See you in the new year.

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last drinks

As the year calls its last drinks, I thought I’d post a little summary of my statistics for the year. Call it my homage to the impending tennis season.

So, what happened this year?

✻ as previously mentioned, I had works in eighteen exhibitions
✻ I submitted applications for 23 exhibitions/awards/grants
✻ I had a positive response from 7 of those 23 – they were mostly for entry into group shows, with one entry into an upcoming book being accepted (though technically this was submitted in December of last year), and more recently a grant for a residency
✻ I was knocked back 12 times; the remaining 4 applications (mostly made recently) are still being decided
✻ I made 125 pieces of work (by a rather piecemeal count) though 37 of those are collaborations in the Measuring exhibition
✻ of the 125 works, 13 were gifted to friends and family
✻ I made a further 20 works for the Steal This event, taking my overall total to 145 works this year – 33 given away and the rest for exhibition and/or sale

That’s it!
[Did I miss anything? I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my coach, and Tennis Australia…]

Annus finis ‘particula b’

Twistmas is finally here! You’re invited to come celebrate with Part B.

We’re having Christmas drinks TODAY (21/12) at Cookie – First Floor, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne, from 5:30pm.

Been meaning to come along to a meet, but haven’t yet been able to? Curious to see who we all are? Well, don’t miss your last chance this year to come along and say hi!

Hope to catch you there.

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Seen on the verge

just a couple of the delicate flowers that call Greeves Street home.

There is a beautifully maintained verge on Greeves St, near the centre of its length.

The environment surrounding my studio is full of contrasts. Flowers growing in the shadow of the gates (that close to cut off through traffic each weekend) is but one.

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outgoing and incoming

Just as I’m finishing up my Preziosa Young entry, another call to emerging artists opens up. It’s the circle of life!

Here’s the final Preziosa work.

Melissa Cameron Silver Star pendant 2010 . Sandblasted stainless steel, oxidised 925 silver chain, stainless steel cable

I’ve gone for a muted palette with this series. I’ve enjoyed contrasting the silvery-grey with an array of matte colours. The chain has flashes of violet and burgundy through it too – I stopped oxidation before it went a pure charcoal. I generally apply a wax over the top of oxidised silver too, so it’s less easily worn away.

my precious…

Preziosa 2011

3 (as yet) untitled pieces. Melissa Cameron, 2010. Stainless steel, 925 silver

Three pieces done, two to go. Been at it for a week now. The one on the left was completed on Friday, and the others both finished yesterday. Hoping to get another one off the bench today, and then one more tomorrow. Tall order? Maybe so, maybe so…

(I just went to check the link above, and their the website appears to be down at the moment… Eeep!)

about the show…

For more info about one of the works in the show (my current fave – Deep Slip) check out the description on my main website.

And the boxes? Well, they’re up here to remind me to tell you something else about the show. Since we’re running headlong into the silly season we’ve decided that works sold before Christmas can be picked up a day or so before the big day. We would hate to be the ones to spoil a surprise… And it’s always nice to be wearing something new on Christmas, don’t you think? That’s probably why I spent so many Christmas days alternating between pyjamas and bathers – both gifted that day, of course!

All works small enough will go into one of the little boxes pictured. Complete with measuring tape.

tweet tweet

oh no, you di’int…

Oh yes I totally!

I don’t face-space, so this seemed like a compromise. The whole universe can now hate on me, without having Zuckerberg involved… But then again, they could before. Just by clicking that little comments button – just down there ↓ ↓ ↓

But the universe would seem to predominantly want to rain spam in my comments. Whatevs. I can take it.

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calendar check

The jewellist blog turns one today. Coincidentally, it’s also my 200th post. I guess that makes me waddling round like a one-year-old; I bet you can’t wait til I hit my terrible twos…

If you cast your mind back, (or if you haven’t bothered with the older blather, let me set you straight) you’ll recall that this is a blog that started out by sharing a gag order. With any luck the posts over the past year have escalated in tone, enough at least to deliver some actual content. However simple that content may be, it has managed to chalk up some small milestones. OK, so maybe more like miles-pebbles, if I may coin a phrase?

One such pebble was being asked by the subjects of this post (Daniela Hedman and Kajsa Lindberg) for permission to use it as promotional material. And on the flip side I was asked, very graciously in fact, to write a guest post on the Ponoko Blog (though it’s likely this request owed less to my blogging capabilities and more to my fondness for laser-cutting technologies).

In terms of my own narrative, I have shared plenty, including a modest series detailing how I got here – into jewellery making, that is – via my history of the jewellist.

During the past year I’ve written about competitions I’ve entered and exhibitions my works have made it into, as well as the curated shows that I was invited to contribute to (at last count I’ve had works in eighteen shows this year.) I shared the three workshops that I completed with visiting artists over the year, and my recent good fortune in picking up a grant to do a residency in England with one of them.

I have blogged about my projects; from curating my first exhibition, to how I set up my studio, which included a blow by blow account of what’s in it. In fact my sandblaster has become a recurring character, as have some collaborators and friends – like the bride, the artist and of course the wonderful TurboNerd.

And I’ve made advances to get y’all to join the party! How? By inviting everyone to come to Part B or to submit a review of a shopfront jewellery store; and to comment on the posts. I offer grateful thanks to everyone who came to a meet or who posted a comment throughout the year, it was lovely, and important to me, to share a dialogue with you.

Amongst a myriad of reasons, I blog to keep me writing, since (as the adage goes) practice makes perfect. Because of that, I’m unable to say that everything I have written here has been concisely put, well argued, or of interest to anyone but myself. But sometimes, just like a day spent in the studio making jewellery, the endeavour is its own reward.

I feel privileged to be able to make jewellery, and feel a responsibility to share how I go about doing this. But no one said you had to read it. So I thank you for reading.