world wide jewellery suppliers review project… phew!

yep, here at the jewellist we’ve just undergone some minor renovations. Unlike most renovations this one was quick and painless, for which, as always, I gratefully thank TurboNerd.

The reno’s have allowed me to add another section to the blog site, which is aiming at the lofty purpose of ‘online collaborative project’.

Whass that about, then?

Well, I’m interested in creating an annotated list of jewellery suppliers. The aim is to collect information on their location, wares and any specific quirks, so that anywhere in the world one may go, one may lessen the hours otherwise spent hunting for jewellery tools. This list then, obviously, is only for places with an actual street presence. With a front door. (As opposed to a ‘portal’. Though I’m not opposed to a market stall, so long as the quest you undertook to find it is replicable.)

So I’m asking (please!) for submissions to help me reveal and review all of them. To add your favourite retailer, send me about 200 words, which includes the name and physical location of your chosen store, and I’ll pop it up in the WWJSRP section. (send to To kick it off, I’ve added my review of Twin Plaza Metals, in Melbourne.

(note to self; next time invent shorter acronym)

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