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  • The Neck – Craft ACT

    Hiya team. Apologies for that last cryptic post – with bonus secret password window – on the main blog stream. I feel like a right fool but now the url is attached to an application I can’t change it until adjudication finishes. If it’s any consolation most of the content was taken from last year’s…

  • …return

    Melissa finally puts up images of works from the Return show. *applause*!

  • return to return

    Melissa goes back to the Return Show; this time with pictures!

  • making

    Melissa make a piece of jewellery! A brooch, in fact. She is very impressed with her efforts.

  • BUDA

    Last year I had three pieces exhibited in the BUDA Contemporary Australian Silver + Metalwork exhibition at Buda, Castlemaine. The little pieces have been touring ever since (they were chosen by the judges to travel in the smaller touring exhibition that followed) and have been to Shepparton, The Arts Centre Melbourne, Geelong and just last…

  • still learning

    Melissa is setting up a studio. She is learning how to do this, as she goes.

  • announcing…

    Melissa announces…

  • well travelled

    Meliss’s work is going on a holiday. Melissa is not. Yet.

  • Conference Call

    Melissa and her mates to invade Perth for the JMGA conference in April 2010!


    Melissa gets served fresh embargo for the first time in her life. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste that bad…