blips on the radar

I’m working towards a few group shows at the moment, some as close as at the end of this month and others a little father off.

First up is the Travelling Scholarship Exhibition showing at the Noosa Regional Gallery which I’ve mentioned before. It starts on the 29th of July (but officially opens on the 6th of August, closing on the 29th).

A couple of pieces go on show in Sydney on the same day, July 29th, in the Keeper Gallery at Gaffa. The exhibition is entitled First and Last and is curated by Zoe Brand. It finishes on the 9th of August.

Finally, The Box Project in November from the 18th – 30th, also at Gaffa in Sydney. This is curated by Jasmine Matus, and involves making works from a mystery box full of items sent to each the artist. (Again it’s one I’ve mentioned before.)

And then in December… Well, stay tuned!