For Sale II

But wait, there’s more!

Paragon Express-E-12T Kiln with shelf and 4 risers.

$1000 SOLD

This is my pride and joy, which I imported from the USA, complete with Aussie wiring (oh the irony.) At less than six months old it is practically as new, comes complete with original packaging and a full instruction manual. I’ve only really started to use it in the last month or so, firing it about once a week. It’s been very reliable, heats up to temperature in about one hour and has a top vent for lost-wax casting.

Shelf inside, neatly positioned on 4 risers. Also comes with paint-on anti-stick material for the shelf.

Tech specs.

LightPro Lamps – set of two

$150 SOLD

Lamps with bad lighting…

I take all my own photos, as you can tell. Any faults in them are definitely user error, I can’t blame my camera nor the lighting rig as I’ve never had a photography lesson in my life. These two lamps have made a pretty big difference to my photography, as I used to shoot outside, a practice more viable when I lived in Perth (sorry Melbourne!)

Thus these two have served me well. I’m going to miss them.

As I mentioned before, Melbourne suburbs = free delivery on all of these items, though collection is also welcomed, in the next week (after Friday the 9th of March, but before the 17th).

Feel free to make me an offer via email: or on my mobile 0419 199 315.

For Sale

I have a couple of pieces of equipment that need new homes. They have been lovingly cared for over the last 2 years, and have been instrumental in producing award-winning works, so they have the highest pedigree 😉

Proxxon Drill Press
(more details from an online retailer available through the link)

$240 SOLD

This is a small but very accurate 3-speed drill press. It comes with the original packaging, six collets and tightening tool. (Yup, the shaft of metal with tape affixed that’s sitting on the tray. The tape was implemented to stop it rolling off the desk…)

Peerless P14 Air Compressor.

$600.00 SOLD

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll remember my deliberations when purchasing this machine. In the end “I finally settled on the Peerless P14. It’s made in Bendigo, and is on a par price wise with the others (Ublast again had a Royce contender, and there was Machinery House’s Super 12) but it’s a slight bit better in terms of L/min free air delivery.”

It’s been a steady workhorse, though in an enclosed space it’s a little loud. I’d recommend running a longer hose that what I had, just to keep it further from your work area.

It still has 3 years to go on its 5 year compressor pump guarantee.

For further details email , or you can reach me on 0419 199 315  for the next week or so. If you’re in the Melbourne metropolitan area, delivery is free!