way down in the hole

Melissa whines about adding centre points to 1500, 0.5mm diameter holes. No sympathy please, it was her idea in the first place.

There are over 1500 holes in my latest pattern. Having drawn them all, I now have to go back and add a centre point to each of them for laser cutting. Lucky I drew them all on their own layer, or might never have found them all.

(drawing not to scale…)

questions questions…

Melissa has cause to pause and question. The question is an image; the answer… who knows?

Today an image I produced to ask a question of my laser cutter. To save costs*, I’m putting in the tabs and lead-in’s for my latest drawing.** Not all holes are drawn equal, and this one in particular is hard to define as it’s not a stand-alone void. The question is, “does this hole need a tab?”

Well? Does it?

* it’s a boring job, so if the client volunteers, why not let her do it…

**Didn’t I say it was going to sort the women from the gels?