Day 5: pieces

So, this is where I got to at the end of day 5. The top work was my work in progress when we downed tools at 4:30pm, so it’s lacking a pin and catch (and also hidden is that the middle piece isn’t soldered on… yet.) The other two are wearable, and in fact the bottom one I was wearing at the pub afterward, despite its soldering-induced softness making it still a little too flexible to withstand wear unscathed.

They lack finishing – I’d like to blacken them and highlight the texture on them. They were all roll printed before blanking, and I sand blasted the middle one (mostly to harden it), so it would be interesting to see how each piece reacts to the colouring.

As a way to speedily prepare metal for work, blanking process has a bit fat tick. Its other strength is as a process for playing with design ideas in metal. My usual process is drawing based, with which I play with combinations of lines and forms in AutoCad. The benefit of this (that is, the blanking) process is that you could take a line, or a form, and stamp it directly into metal, and play with it in actual tactile pieces, rather than with the simpler (and two dimensional) representations of such pieces.

Day 4: let the jewellery commence

Today the discovery period ended and our ranging band of experimentalists, like jumping salmon, switched streams. We battened down to become a concentrated group of studious studio jewellers. Work was slowly evolving around and within each of the mounds of blanks that had previously been left to accumulate on every desk. In every hand, jewellery was becoming.

Once again, the effort was concentrated, and incredibly tiring.

Day 3: Blankety …

Today we got down to bid-nez. I made a couple more blankers, and a whole lot of blanks got cut. And re-cut. Working straight in metal with immediate results is so different to my practice, and really seductive.

I’m a big fan of repeat patterns, (to which my third blank attests) so the whole idea of being able to punch out a bunch of pieces exactly the same really appeals. Of course it does.

Now I just gotta find a way to use ’em.