Monday – gun day

There are no guns to report today, which is to say, I have no leads on either of the weapons used against the next two victims on the Gun Violence Archive list.

The two men killed in separate incidents in San Francisco on January 1, 2017, were 21 year old Ernesto Rosales, and 35 year old Mitchell Smith.

I did find that “San Francisco police arrested a 37-year-old suspect,” Michael Peace in September on suspicion of killing Smith, but again there were scant details, including no motive, released. With few details about the circumstances of either shooting (although interestingly the location is always logged in news reports – 26th and Shotwell, or 3rd St and Oakdale Ave, respectively) there’s nothing on which to base further research.

In anticipation of this outcome, you’ll remember that I started by searching for a popular pistol as a substitute weapon for when I could find no leads on which to base drawings of the actual guns used in these crimes. So today we chalk up two for Sturm Ruger & Co.

Thanks to some uppity tech (computers, who needs ‘em… wait, clearly I do, at least for some things…!) I’m not able to bring you a drawing today, so I’ll save the reveal of the gun that will probably feature the most in this work (yes, all this research is for a jewellery work, coming to the US in mid-2018) for next time.

So until then I’ll owe you two of ‘em. One each for Mr Rosales, and Mr Smith.