Thanks to The Carrotbox!

The Carrotbox blog has featured a couple of my jewels today. Some rings, of course 😉

Big thanks to Alice Matsumoto, for my second appearance on her glorious blog, and for her endurance in the blogging world. My first appearance was down to some of my very early jewels, made in 2006 and appearing on The Carrotbox in 2007. The pieces referred to by her in that link were created as a part of my studies at Postgraduate Diploma in Jewellery Production, and have long been superseded by more up-to-date works on website. In fact, the site it was on has itself been superseded, multiple times.

But here’s what she was probably talking about when she referred to ‘mini people’, way back in 2007: *sounds of Melissa rummaging through the archive*

The Tourist
The Tourist. 2006

Still mathematical.

AutoCad designed and milled in sterling silver, by one of two companies, either Poolegrave or Close Tolerance Engineering.