drawing is oooo-ver!

So today it’s back to… photography. There will be studio time later today, (HOORAY!) but for the moment, I’m working on shooting straight.

I have a Leica D-Lux 4 which takes a pretty good shot. I know very little about cameras, but I have several friends with Leica’s, (and one with the cheaper but identical Panasonic Lumix LX3, you know who you are!) and generally, they rave about them. I try not to, but hey, here I am now…

Having said that, I’ve had this Leica with and without a lighting setup. I have to say, the lights are probably more important than the camera. I didn’t realise back in Perth (given the unmatchable access to powerful natural light year-round) how important lighting is, so I struggled in Melbourne for a while with my previous (but still not too bad) camera.

Now I have the camera, and the modest light setup, and I can shoot this;

and turn it into this!

(hopefully there’s detectable improvement)