A spot of housekeeping

G’day groovers. In case you hadn’t spotted it I’ve added an email subscription button –>
just on the right hand side there, and I’ve also added a permanent Deadlines page, with a little link up the top of the page here as well, so that you can find deadlines post quickly. Like when you’re in a hurry to finish up taking photos for that great competition that closes in ONE HOUR and you can’t find the damned link!

I know, I feel you.

I’ll keep including the monthly deadlines in the usual blog stream as well, so that if you’ve subscribed (*wink*) you’ll still have the deadlines post turn up regularly in your email inbox. And if you’re an RSS kinda person, then you can ignore all of this. Except in those ONE HOUR emergencies.

Does anyone else remember keeping a 1 hour photo outlet list in their sketchbook or car (or brain – I swear I had more storage space in that device back then…), for those times when you needed a photo for an assignment, and you needed it FAST? You know, in one hour? (excluding travel time…)