A weekend spent jewelerizing

The Seattle Metals Guild takes over the weekend.

I’ve been jewellery socializing (as the Americans spell it). Saturday night was the Seattle Metals Guild (SMG) annual Christmas Potluck Party with Ornament Swap. I made the ornament below out of the lid of a tin can which I enamelled, which went to one of the the party hosts Cynthia Toops. (And yes, I forgot to photograph it before I took it to the party but luckily Cynthia put it straight onto her tree so I could surreptitiously snap a pic.) I then picked Dana Cassara’s name out of the hat, and cheerfully wore home (and then decorated my tree with) a work by the current head of the SMG and owner of local open studio Danaca Design. Well played, universe!

Sunday morning, rather bleary-eyed (though less so than some others who stayed longer at the party than me and Turbo) around a table at Micki Lippi‘s house there was another, smaller SMG gathering, this time consisting of the Committee for the next SMG Symposium. Somehow (OK, via the forces of Micki, that’s how) I have ended up on the committee, and in charge of the book stall at the next symposium next fall. And in being around for all the other job assignments on Sunday I’ve ended up with some promotional duties as well. Like everyone else around the table, I also get to add my 2 cents worth on who the speakers might be. Given the list of potential candidates was as long as my arm, and was reduced to maybe a third of that amount over the course of most of the 2 hour meeting, I think the final list is still a way off. I’ll keep you posted!