Seattle Suppliers

Melissa’s review of Seattle Findings. A jewellery supply store. What else?

So, on Monday I went into downtown Seattle and managed to find Seattle Findings, the local tools and supplies shop. It’s wonderfully close to Facere Jewelry Art Gallery (in the neighbouring building) and very easy to access from the street, and is in the main city block close to busses and not too far from the Seattle Streetcar line and light rail. (Streetcar = tram. From now on I will call it a tram just for old time’s sake)

The shop itself looked sparse (but maybe that’s cos I’m used to Koodak and AJS), there were all the basics of course, and a few small benches for sale, as well as some basic flexi-drives and a fair few ultrasonic cleaners. Drill bits and saw blades are hanging on a wall for customers to access and investigate, and they have a counter filled with silver findings, and another with gold-filled products. (Gold-filled, such a misleading name….)

In keeping with the long-standing American tradition of mail-ordering goods, (the self-same fascination which has ultimately brought me to these United States) I was told early into my encounter with the lovely sales assistant (a recent graduate jeweller, or jeweler as we call them here) that they can deliver all goods, and in fact, with direct shipping, some goods are cheaper when ordered through their online store and delivered direct than they are if you buy them in store.

I was specifically worried about the delivery of chemicals, and to my pleasure I found that they have Sparex, and that between all the different postage types – they can specify land delivery only – that they could probably deliver direct or keep them in store for me to collect if I preferred. I left her with the task of finding an equivalent for Tenacity in her range of chemicals, though I’m thinking it might be accessible online. I’ll have to check…

I was also told that a gas and oxygen setup is quite easy to procure, from my local hardware store. Oxygen from the hardware store? I know, smell the freedom. (This is yet to be proved, I’ll keep you posted.)

So in all, without actually buying anything, I’d have to give these peeps a pretty high rating. The staff were helpful, knowledgeable and courteous, and so I would definitely recommend them for the basics, though I think the list of findings might be a little limited. I’m going to hold full judgement til I actually order something, so no word yet on how many sets of pliers.

Stay tuned…