Melissa just moved to Seattle. Watch the blog become a travel diary…

So, for all of you playing at home, I have just moved house, from leafy and warm Balaclava in Melbourne, to an apartment in grey and chilly Seattle. That’s only a temporary description of the weather mind, I expect spring will come calling any second to change all that.

Back in December 2011 I mentioned the places where a jeweller might find a bench to rent if she were to find herself in a tight spot in Seattle – namely needing to work, with no place in which to do it. I’m not there yet, as I was busy making for an upcoming show in Japan right until the week before I left (at which point I had to deliver some tools I sold to new owners. Hey, if you’re one such owner, please say hi to your new electricity munching machine from me!) Thus far I have been happy to get over the move, celebrate my wedding anniversary by looking at houses to rent and figure out how to grocery shop here. All important things.

I have had a mo to also check out the local jewellery supplies store, and in the name of my World Wide Jewellery Suppliers Review Project, I’ll give you a brief description of my experience. Tomorrow 😉