Day 14

Melissa is still in Bristol, this time she shows off what Anamika has been up to. And a bit of her own stuff too.

Anamika spreads out her works to date. Well, most of them, I think… She still has a few tucked away. It’s a curated spread, shall we say?

Most of these are mixtures of enamel – white mostly, with graphite. Yup, the humble  stuff of pencils. It does great things to enamel.

like moon craters, for instance…

It creates bubbbles during firing, after which Anamika has stoned many of these pieces back (rubbed them with an abrasive stone, designed for this purpose, thought more often than not, actually a diamond-coated abrasive pad) to create the crater-like surface.

the first section of her works on square material
the second half - all these works vary between copper and steel substrates
Copper circles; many utilising transparent enamel with just the natural changes that copper undergoes during firing.

Meanwhile, the washers continue. Managed to fire 100 of them today with the grip coat (an undercoat that allows enamel to stick to mild steel better than a coat of regular enamel) and 10 with a coat of a lovely emerald green over that. The green coat is very thin so the green coated washers come across as a hint of green over the dark grip coat. The green comes through more if a coat of white is applied first. I did that with one, but decided I preferred the darker version.

All of this was done by 3pm, when I rushed home in preparation for my trip to Edinburgh.

this hoard the result of yesterday's collecting
Prepare to be blasted!
colour! washers from throughout the week
a curated pile photographed at a jaunty angle