Day 7 – slow going

Yesterday’s work in progress has two more layers added. I fired a third, but it was not the next one in line so I couldn’t add it to the work. I was hoping to fire 4 layers today, but I only made it to three…

Today I listened as Elizabeth told Carol (an MA student who is currently working in the studio) about the Playing with Fire exhibition that recently toured here, for which she contributed to the touring notes, and a catalogue essay.

If you go here you can scroll down you can see that under Recent Touring Exhibitions there is  listed Playing with Fire – Contemporary UK Enamel. At the end of this section there is a link to two PDF’s that contain a bunch of information on the history and practice of enamelling, including pictures to do with various enamel processes. There is a particularly beautiful example of a transfer print on the work Treecups by Tamar De Vries Winter on the last page of the Education Panels.

Makes me think I should get back to the screen print room to print me a transfer!


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