more drawing software

My last drawing software post was a little more serious than this one. This time I’ve been fooling about with some 3D drawing programs that are internet browser based, which makes them a little less serious, but a bit more fun too.

Thanks to Ponoko again I’ve had a play with Sketch, an HTML based platform that allows you to ‘animate’ your sketch. Mostly that means have cute wobbly lines on you drawing, or the more clever part of being able to rotate the image in perspective around an axis, like the images below.

Sketch made via:
Sketch made via:

Then there’s another browser-based drawing tool called 3D tin that was profiled on another blog I read, Butterpaper, a couple of weeks back. This one uses cubes exclusively and is a little more sophisticated, meaning that the views and colours are changeable and the sketch is all in 3D. Which also makes it a little like drawing with Lego.

While I won’t be making my final drawings in either of these web-based tools, I can have some fun now, and wait til something that’s as powerful asAutoCad appears in a browser window.  Never say never, eh?

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