Snag Conference 2013

Art Jewelry Forum publish lots of things; critique, commentary, reviews, and now a piece by me!

Wow, and I thought my last post messed with my timeline…

I recently wrote an article for the Art Jewelry Forum about the 2013 Society of North American Goldsmiths conference that took place in Tornoto, Canada, back in May. It got published today, here.

Please let me know what you think.

in Melbourne…

The Words and Works from a World Away exhibition runs form the 18th of July until the 15th of August 2013, in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m going a little out of order on my trip, as this exhibition opened towards the end of my stay, but I wanted to be able to share ASAP that there is a floor talk for the Words and Works from a World Away exhibition on this Thursday the 1st of August from 12.45-1.15pm, in the gallery (obviously!):

Project Space/Spare Room gallery
RMIT Building 94: 23-27 Cardigan Street
Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Now that the business is out of the way, a little more about the show!

I arrived in Melbourne from Brisbane (where the JMGA conference was held this year) on Monday the 15th of July and that afternoon I spent half a day on the installation with curator Claire McArdle where I got to see (and touch – with gloved hands) many of the pieces in the exhibition.

The exhibition features works from Estonian and Australian artists who are working in response “to statements from the other side of the world about their own country.” [text taken from the invitation.] So, as a convenient example, my work is in response to a phrase from someone called Janno, who spoke of many things including “five-foot spiders”. I encourage you to see the show to see what else s/he had to say, and how I responded with a work that weaves a small part of my own personal history as well as my penchant for using recycled objects into a piece of wearable jewellery.

Alongside the works in the gallery is a multimedia presentation that casts further light on the intent behind the pieces in the show. There is also a beautifully produced catalogue for purchase, in which is recorded all of the statements that each artist reacted to and the responses they gave in the form of both the work and artist statement, as well as includes a photo essay on the similarities and differences between Estonia and Australia.

To My Bruces/Tears of an Oyster, 2013, Melissa Cameron. Recycled chromed gilding metal cigarette case, stainless steel, 925 silver, Australian Broome pearl.
To My Bruces/Tears of an Oyster, 2013, Melissa Cameron. Recycled chromed gilding metal cigarette case, stainless steel, 925 silver, Australian Broome pearl.

Finally, the show closes on the 15th of August 2013. So you’ve got a bit more time to dodge the Melbourne rain and get amongst it!

Monash in the news + New Work!

The Seams Seems show was in the news earlier this month. And I sent some work off to Bilk in Canberra. Don’t you love a non sequitur?

So while I was off gallivanting around Australia, I missed this in the press, about the Seams Seams exhibition.

I also forgot to update you on the new work I sent to Bilk just before I left.

Melissa Cameron Grid Earrings 2013. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel.
Melissa Cameron Grid Earrings 2013. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Earrings 18 2013. Stainless steel, 925 silver.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Earrings 18 2013. Stainless steel, 925 silver.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Brooch 04. Stainless steel, 925 silver.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Brooch 04. Stainless steel, 925 silver.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Brooch 05. Stainless steel, 925 silver.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Brooch 05. Stainless steel, 925 silver.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Brooch 06. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel.
Melissa Cameron Point-Line-Plane Brooch 06. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel.

BrisVegas and M-town – prequel

Melissa has been to Australia. But before she left she did some enamelling in Seattle.

As you may have suspected, owing to my less-than-discreet trumpeting of upcoming events that I was going to actually attend in my home country, I’ve just returned home to Sunny Seattle from Australia.

Whilst there I went to a LOT of jewellery related events, spoke at a couple and generally ran around getting my fill of home-town food, comedy, gossip, family, friends and most importantly, jewellery.

Another common thread (beyond just jewellery) through my whole trip was running into people who I have previously communicated with online, with the majority of contact coming thanks to this ‘ere blog. So before I get caught up in talking about all the action of the last couple of weeks, I want to send a shout-out to everybody who came and met me in real-body:

I really loved meeting you, finally! It was great to catch up and please lets keep in touch. 🙂

Suffice to say I was frequently in a position to appreciate the kindness of strangers, and lucky for me getting to ‘talk blog’ in person is just as good, if not even better, as receiving comments online, though believe me I do (still) go mad for comments up here (as I might have alluded to in my presentation at the Seams Seems symposium – I’ll pop that up here soon too, promise.)

And to the lovely lady in Melbourne who had me pointed out at the end of Elizabeth Turrell’s lecture, I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat, I didn’t realise you would be departing so soon! Corner me next time and feel free to chide me for being rude…

Now, as usual I was in a flurry of making before I left, firstly to finally to send my works to the My Australia exhibition at the Berkeley River Lodge in the Kimberley in WA and to have a pin ready to swap at the JMGA Pin-Swap dinner. And since I had the kiln on doing some enamelling, I finally got to working on some rings for the La Geometrie series, which I’d had set out ready to enamel on my enamelling bench for several months.

So, since they were enamel, and since that enamel was a theme amongst the people I had been chatting about the blog to, I figured it was time I updated the Enamel on Steel – some insights section of this blog. (And of course no small amount of enamel impetus was provided by the incredible Elizabeth Turrell who was coincidentally teaching a workshop in Melbourne while I was in town.) With the pin and ring works I just finished I have been using graphite again, so I have specifically added more detail and images to the ‘using graphite‘ section. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve read the post I have also responded to a bunch of questions and comments right down the bottom, in an effort to clarify and add more detail to what is written above. In an effort to save you some time in trying to find what I’ve just added today, I’ve re-posted it here in full:

*new graphite experiment results*

So I have been at it again, firing some graphite directly over a clear and a half clear/half red enamel surface. The pieces below were created by firing a couple of very thin layers of enamel (Thompsons Clear and their Chinese Red that was a half/half mixture with clear, a mixture I created to help the red stick first time around or to provide a bit of colour to an undercoat for the red) and then abrading them back with my trusty set of 3M diamond hand pads. On the freshly abraded surface I was able to draw directly with graphite pencil and then fire, and this was enough to get the graphite to stick beautifully. On the broch – the piece in the centre – I added an extra layer of clear over the fired pencil, so with the grey on grey the linework doesn’t come up in the photograph too well, though that is not all in the photography, as in fact in some lighting it’s hard to see with the reflections on the layer of enamel.

d Melissa Cameron_Enamelled Trio_2013

However the Cardinal Point ring on the left-hand-side also has two layers of graphite on different layers of enamel, so you can see the shadowy layer on the top-left of the drawing that is the layer under the final layer of enamel. The Locations ring on the right only has one layer of graphite, which sits atop the second (and final) layer of enamel.

d Melissa Cameron_Pin-swap brooch_2013

A slightly better view of the linework…

And if you were at the conference you might have seen the superlative Mel Young sporting this on Saturday night. More on her and her frequent creative collaborator Lauren Simeoni very soon.

Deadlines July 2013

Deadlines for opportunities posted here monthly. Come get ’em while they’re hot!

Upcoming opportunities to exhibit, learn, earn or perhaps even teach, from all over the place.

** New additions ** and just added (23rd July)  ** Newer Additions! ** **Additions August 1st**

Opportunities with deadlines

Itami International Craft Competition. The Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan host this annual competition, and this year we’re back to the theme of jewellery. Entries due (by ‘snail’ mail) July 31st, 2013

** Uncommon Goods Winter Accessory Design Challenge. (Aus only) Win a contract to exhibit with Uncommon Goods by designing an ‘animal friendly‘ accessory. Deadline July 31st, 2013

** Call for Proposals: SNAG 2015 Conference Presenters. Submissions, by email, due 12 August 2013.

**** 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial. Jewellery competition (let me know if you can’t access the paperwork and I can forward it to you), deadline for entries – August 15 or September 1st, 2013, depending on which information you believe. ****

** Workshop: Building Jewellery Benches with Mel Miller and folks from the Urban Bush Carpenters. Need a bench? do this workshop and learn how to build it yourself. Saturday the 17th of August, 10am – 2pm.

** Suspended In Green – the natural successor to this year’s Suspended In Pink exhibition. A juried exhibition with this time the added bonus of two types of works on show – one exhibition piece and up to 10 ‘shop’ pieces, showing during Schmuck 2014. Deadline August 21st 2013.

** 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism: and who is in the Danks St Complex? Well, Studio 20/17 jewellery gallery of course! Review a Danks St gallery (*wink wink*) and win $1000. Due August 30th.

Materials Hard and Soft. Juried craft exhibition, open to people in the US only. Deadline 6th September 2013.

** Rule The World exhibition opportunity for Friends of Carlotta Gallery, Zurich with a Crafthaus online exhibition. Deadline 15th of September 2013.

** National Library of Australia Japan Study Grants. Live outside of Canberra? (Sorry Zoe Brand…) Have an interest in studying all things Japanese at the National Library. Are an Aussie resident? Get some cash to visit Canberra! Closing date 30th September 2013.

** 2014 Asialink Arts Residency Program. Aussie permanent residents or citizens only. Get a grant for a residency practically anywhere in Asia. Deadline 5 pm EST Monday 30 September 2013.

Leap Awards for emerging craft artists, courtesy of the Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh. Deadline October 1, 2013.

** Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium. Hosted annually by the Seattle Metals Guild, this one will take place on Saturday the 19th of October. Check it out!

** Toyota Emerging Artist Award – Aussies only, this one has a residency as a prize plus $1000 cash. Deadline September 23rd 2013.

** Gemological Institute of America 2014 Scholarships. “Scholarships are available for distance education eLearning courses and for classes at the Institute’s campuses in Bangkok, Carlsbad, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York and Taiwan; and at the GIA branch in Dubai.” (thanks to Crafthaus) Deadline October 31st 2013.

** TOP Jewels – National Jewelry Design Exhibition, “A showcase featuring the very best artists working in the medium of jewelry design to educate the public about their craft.” USA only exhibition opportunity, entries through CaFE. Deadline April 11th 2014.

Undated Opportunities

Studio 20/17 seeks guest curators. How often does a well established gallery invite people to play inside their walls? Get amongst it!

Patina Gallery seeks Master International Artists. Make ‘Soul-Stirring’ works? Wanna be one of 3 artists added to their stable? No deadline, but post went up Jan 23rd, so perhaps sooner rather than later?

Tributaries: Call for entries. The Metal Museum, in Memphis, has an ongoing call for exhibitions from emerging and mid-career artists. First deadline Feb 2013, for upcoming shows, and they keep applications on file for 2 years.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts + Sciences in North Carolina have a permanent exhibition call out, with shows booked 2-3 years in advance.

Lord Coconut in Melbourne has outdone himself by publishing this listing of opportunities for artists in his gallery. As ever, this is to exhibit jewellery for men. Thanks to Karen at Melbourne Jeweller for the heads up.

Hey Melbourne…!

Melissa is in Melbourne, two names that were made for one another. Then there’s Words & Works from a World Away as well as Seams Seems, and apparently alliteration is in fashion 😉

I’m in town this week for a couple of exhibition openings and such, and thought I’d bug you all (again) with the details. It would be great to catch up with y’all, so please come along and say hi!

First up: Thursday night from 5-7pm there’s a group exhibition curated by the irrepressible Claire McArdle, Words & Works from a World Away, an exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects by Australian and Estonian artists. ‘A reflective exhibition of our own identity through others eyes.’

Thursday 18th July
(and if you Facebook it’s up here.)

Then on Friday there is the Seams Seems Symposium AND exhibition opening, at Monash University. The symposium and exhibition feature Monash and Rhode Island School of Design alumni, with the exhibition opening at 6pm after the conclusion of the symposium, at which I am speaking (yup, it’s unlisted on the invite, but it’s true – local legend and Monash educator Roseanne Bartley as well as Wendy Parker, Postgraduate Research Coordinator Jewellery and Object Design at COFA in UNSW are also on the bill.)

Friday 19th July
9.30am to 4.30pm, with exhibition opening at 6pm
900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East
Building G1.04
MADA gallery
Symposium bookings. The cost is $25 and includes coffee and a light lunch.


Words & Works from a World Away

Words & Works from a World Away opens in Melbourne on the 18th of July 2013.

The Words & Works from a World Away exhibition curated by Claire McArdle opens in Melbourne on the 18th of July. I’m going to be in town for the opening so I hope to see you there!

||| From the Kit and Caboodle website |||

OPENING 18 July 5-7pm
19 July – 15 August 2013

What do they say about us on the other side of the world?
And what do you know about them?

Words & Works from a World Away unites the North and South through the work of jewellery and object artists from Estonia and Australia. The artists produce work in response to statements from the other side of the world about their own country. Their reaction and the resulting work explores issues of identity and the global flow of information between two physically and culturally separate countries.

Participating artists:

Linda al-Assi [EST]
Robert Baines [AUS]
Nicholas Bastin [AUS]
Robin Bold [AUS]
Zoe Brand [AUS]
Melissa Cameron [AUS]
Anna Davern [AUS]
Mark Edgoose [AUS]
Rita-Livia Erikson [EST]
Stephen Gallagher [AUS]
Ulvi Haagensen [EST]
Mary Hackett [AUS]
Kirsten Haydon [AUS]
Nils Hint [EST]
Naoko Inuzuka[AUS]
Annika Kedelauk [EST]
Inari Kiuru [AUS]
Aija Kivi [EST]
Keiu Koppel [EST]
Katarina Kotselainen [EST]
Teresa Lane [AUS]
Urmas Lüüs [EST]
Kadri Mälk [EST]
Claire McArdle [AUS]
Hans-Otto Ojaste [EST]
Kaire Rannik [EST]
Anne Reinberg [EST]
Adolfas Šaulys & Mari Relo-Šaulys [EST]
Mark Vaarwerk [AUS]
Anita Van Doorn [AUS]
Tanel Veenre [EST]

Project Space/Spare Room gallery
RMIT Building 94: 23-27 Cardigan Street
Carlton, Victoria, Australia