Category: film

  • Makers’ Film Festival

    I have two short films about recent work in this festival. I know, what am I like?!? Lets hope they get played back-to-back so we can really compare how I aged over the 20 months between their filming… And yes, my tickets are booked! Come along! (Teaser and text below courtesy the amazing Maker&Smith website)…

  • Connexions officially open!

    After a hiccup and a delayed start, we opened our window display in Paris overnight on October the 13th. So you can finally see the (admittedly abbreviated) Connexions in the real! We’re at Galerie Assemblages as a part of the Parcours Bijoux jewellery festival: 66 rue Legendre, 75017 Paris, France Exhibition dates are being extended…

  • Melbourne and Perth and Sydney – events to get y’all out of the studio

    Short films and a performance; crafting experience as well as the object