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  • Call me Ed. Guest Ed.

    Call me Ed. Guest Ed.

    Thanks to the illustrious Dr Kevin Murray, I’m the guest editor for this quarter’s issue of Garland – The Street. I have also written an article about the collaborative making and adorning of the Er Pavilion for the Fremantle Biennale for the issue. The best part of being guest editor? Connecting with the stories of…

  • Seattle symposium 2020 is an anywhere symposium!

    This year’s annual Seattle Metals Guild Symposium is happening and will be presented online for your convenience on Oct. 10, 2020. If you’ve never attended one because of expense or distance you’re in luck! There will be an outstanding lineup of speakers, artists, silent auction, speaker panel, and even a Happy Hour! It will all…

  • Danaca Design – STATEmeant jewellery

    A call-for-entry for the jewellers of the world with something to say. For all y’all who saw the Ring Smackdown on the Danaca Design Instagram feed earlier this year, you can phase out for a minute. You need no introduction to the exhibition concept that I’m about to try and explain. You can just head…

  • Exhibitions and events!

    This week: With Other Eyes, next: Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium, the following: Uneasy Beauty


    the sale continues, online and at Fancy, check the previous post for the online deets!

  • Studio Sale!

    Melissa is leaving Seattle after 6.5 years at the start of October

  • Photo Shoot this Saturday!

    I suspect it’s too late to apologise for sounding like a broken record…

  • Monday – Gun Day

    Jewellery is meant to be worn. Please come wear these pieces for a few hours


    Seattle – come help me out on 7/7/18 for a few hours. It will be fun, promise 😉

  • Can you help?

    Searching for containers from specific places in the USA – to be made into art!