Part B

Part B was active in Melbourne from 2010 – 2015. I was a founding member and regular participant until I moved to Seattle in March of 2012. This page used to link to a separate blog, and is kept here for archive purposes.

… is an Australian-based cluster of ‘research jewellery’ artists. Its aims are two-fold…

1/ The outward-looking goal is to facilitate innovative projects and exhibitions in order to engage other artists and the general public with ‘research jewellery’*. It seeks to develop audiences beyond the usual means, to complement the nature of works produced by displaying them outside the traditional gallery and exhibition narrative, and to form a more challenging framework for audience interaction.

2/ At a more grass-roots level, regular meetings and excursions are held in order to generate technical discussion and critical discourse of jewellery practice between the PART B members (aka ‘particles’).

* Research jewellery investigates form, function, materials and the social engagement of jewellery. It also asks an audience to participate with it, to question its purpose and placement, to think about its context and to join in a dialogue that further defines a practice.


What’s in a name?
Like the catalyst used to make epoxy resin (referred to as ‘part b’), we are a small addition that affects change. Lofty hopes, indeed, but mom always said to aim high.


Text kindly provided by Christine Scott-Young.

4 responses to “Part B”

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I saw teh Plan B in Brisbane. Great initiative. I enjoyed the crazy projects very much (the sound one in particular).
    I suggest you have a look onto this website. We have a call for submissions. You or members of Plan B/the collective might be interested: (can you forward this please?).
    Is this website something for your recomendations: The SeeHere is a collective.
    Peter Deckers

  2. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your comment and compliments, much appreciated 😉 I have added The SeeHere to the Collectives list, and I’ll be sure to keep in touch about the call for submissions, it looks good. I’ll be sure to add it to my ‘Deadlines’ post next month too.

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