last drinks

As the year calls its last drinks, I thought I’d post a little summary of my statistics for the year. Call it my homage to the impending tennis season.

So, what happened this year?

✻ as previously mentioned, I had works in eighteen exhibitions
✻ I submitted applications for 23 exhibitions/awards/grants
✻ I had a positive response from 7 of those 23 – they were mostly for entry into group shows, with one entry into an upcoming book being accepted (though technically this was submitted in December of last year), and more recently a grant for a residency
✻ I was knocked back 12 times; the remaining 4 applications (mostly made recently) are still being decided
✻ I made 125 pieces of work (by a rather piecemeal count) though 37 of those are collaborations in the Measuring exhibition
✻ of the 125 works, 13 were gifted to friends and family
✻ I made a further 20 works for the Steal This event, taking my overall total to 145 works this year – 33 given away and the rest for exhibition and/or sale

That’s it!
[Did I miss anything? I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my coach, and Tennis Australia…]

outgoing and incoming

Just as I’m finishing up my Preziosa Young entry, another call to emerging artists opens up. It’s the circle of life!

Here’s the final Preziosa work.

Melissa Cameron Silver Star pendant 2010 . Sandblasted stainless steel, oxidised 925 silver chain, stainless steel cable

I’ve gone for a muted palette with this series. I’ve enjoyed contrasting the silvery-grey with an array of matte colours. The chain has flashes of violet and burgundy through it too – I stopped oxidation before it went a pure charcoal. I generally apply a wax over the top of oxidised silver too, so it’s less easily worn away.

my precious…

Preziosa 2011

3 (as yet) untitled pieces. Melissa Cameron, 2010. Stainless steel, 925 silver

Three pieces done, two to go. Been at it for a week now. The one on the left was completed on Friday, and the others both finished yesterday. Hoping to get another one off the bench today, and then one more tomorrow. Tall order? Maybe so, maybe so…

(I just went to check the link above, and their the website appears to be down at the moment… Eeep!)

what you working on?

I’m making jewellery, as per usual. This time though it’s for this.

And when I’m done? Chrissy presents! And after that? Well, I should get onto this…

And then of course there’s this.

A jewellist’s work is never done. sigh.

it’s official!

I might have mentioned that I made it into Love Lace at the Powerhouse next year, sometime earlier this year; but I was actually (supposedly) under an embargo at the time…

Now it’s official! More congrats go to my home-girls Katherine, Mary, Erin and Robin who are also part of the show. And Wendy! (yeah, we tight, for sho. Ever since she approved my use of her images earlier this year. And yes, I take all my vocab cues from The Wire.)

where do you go?

(thanks to TurboNerd who is a bit of a ‘hunners’ fan, just writing that title has lodged a song in my head…) Ahem..

OK, so I post every competition, grant and juried exhibition I apply for right here, to make sure the two of you who read are worded up to take appropriate affirmative action. I was asked the other day (a realbody question, no less) what sources I use to get the info about applications I oughta make? At the time, the idea of having to scribble words rather than copy-and-paste links just seemed too daunting. I promised a post on the subject instead.

So, without further ado (as Flacco might say, “bugger the ado, we’ll go without the ado!”) here’s a list of the places I find grant/competition/exhibition info. Please feel free to email/comment with more suggestions.

NAVA has a grants page as well as monthly email updates (for which you must be a member – fees apply) which includes other opportunities.

Craft Australia sends out a regular email with an opportunities section which is free to sign up to.

Craft Victoria also sends out their Craft Almanac email with Industry Events and  Opportunities listed, but this is only for professional members. To get the full deal you need to sign up (fee applies). They also have their own application deadlines for shows in their gallery, which are listed on their site.

CaFE is a US based online Call For Entry portal that sends out regular emails for upcoming application deadlines. Appropriate competitions/exhibitions are few and far between for Australia-based jewellery artists, but I have become involved in shows through this site.

Klimt02 maintains a list of awards on their site. They also have an email list (unrestricted) but some information on the site is barred from non-members.

crafthaus online craft network has a blog which I regularly read (and a members only section of which I’m not a part, so there is more than just the blog to check out for entry/deadline info) that members add items to, some of which are upcoming competition deadlines. Brigitte Martin generally posts such info (and I’m not sure that she’s not the one in charge of the place. I should just join, I know…)

kit and caboodle, administered by the lovely Cate Salter, is another such network for jewellers and related types (galleries, organisations etc.) The main page is up to date with the blog posts and exhibition listings of its members, though I also subscribe to the rss stream of the site (which results in a LOT of messages, some useful, most not.)  It pays to snoop around there occasionally to see what galleries/organisations are up to.

Melbourne Jeweller also blogs a monthly calendar. Often this is exhibition related, but the odd competition link sneaks in. I must read many of the same blogs as her though, since by the time of her monthly posts I have normally already seen the competitions/exhibition opportunities featured.

And while I’m on the whole idea of RSS – I have a dedicated RSS reader from which I read many blogs daily. Between what’s said on many of them, and my email lists and some semi-regular searches (how I found out about Noosa, for example), I like to think I’m fairly well informed of upcoming opportunities.

Finally, the deadlines for the Australia Council and Arts Victoria are pretty concrete from year to year, so it pays to keep them in the back of your mind too. And in your bookmarks list.

deadlines revisited

Having posted about upcoming deadlines last week, I find now there are a couple more competitions that have piqued my interest.

Fresh – courtesy of SNAG, is courting images of works for the Metalsmith Magazine’s Exhibition In Print 2011. (Thanks go to Crafthaus for the heads up.) Deadline for that one is the 10th of December.

Wear Art – is for original wearable art as well as reproductions of art to go onto T shirts. It’s a interesting concept, and from what I can tell the profit from T Shirt sales is going to fund the establishment of a physical gallery for BECA (Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art) in the US. Now that part (given my lack of proximity to Albuquerque, New Mexico…) matters little to me in the long run, but the potential to get my work in front of an American audience could sway me to entry. The deadline isn’t clear, but the ‘display’ is meant to go live on the 7th of November, so I take it entries (such as they are) will have to be emailed soon.

grazie preziosa

Preziosa Young has announced on Klimt02 that due to public request they have changed the deadline for entry to this year’s competition to the 18th of December 2010.

At this stage however their website does not reflect this news, but it has been announced on Le Arti Orafe’s main website.


So many entries, so little time…


Were currently slamming into several end-of-year deadlines round here at studio jewellist (one enjoys employing the royal ‘we’ on occasions, it make one seem more, well, just more), but there’s always time to fill in the odd competition entry… Who needs sleep, anyway?

Klimt02, via their White Board has alerted me to one little number – an artist residency in Amsterdam with Studio Rian de Jong. The Franciose van den Bosch website elucidates; in the Current section (it’s flash – so I haven’t been able to embed it in the link, sorry.) The application is for 2 months in Amsterdam, with studio and accommodation, in May and June. Not bad eh? The rest of it is up to you. (‘Rest’ = travel expenses, daily allowances and insurance.) Might be worth putting the ole hat in the ring for that one, eh?

Also, via the description on Crafthaus I found out about Dual, the private life of sculpture, which is described in the Crafthaus listing as “Dual is a survey of artists creating sculptures that both stand alone as beautiful objects and also interact with the body in some way.” This closes on the 16th, but at this stage I’m still undecided about entering. I’m going to have to make a quick decision…

But what I’m really gearing up to enter is Preziosa Young 2011, whose entries close on October 30. Since their application can’t be filled in by stages (like Schmuck) expect there to be a lot of traffic at the end of the month. I’m hoping to have my work ready in the next week or so, in order to sit down and load it up well in time. Having been successful this year I’m working at some different pieces to what I last submitted.

other deadlines

There are a couple of competitions I’ve found recently; The St George Art Awards in Hurstville, NSW which I have entered, and another from the US titled the Artspace Contemporary Fine Craft National Exhibition, which I’m not sure I’ll get to by the deadline. I’m still busy finishing up my entries for Schmuck and my Craft Victoria application…

But in finding out about the Hurstville St George Art Awards, I stumbled upon this; some hair jewellery in their permanent collection. While I don’t think I could wear it (not because I’m that choosy – I routinely wear a coaster, but for the significance of wearing the hair of someone I don’t know), I think it’s quite beautiful.