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  • SMG and the Wawona

    Launched in 1897, the Wawona was the largest three-masted sailing schooner ever built in North America. The ship was used to haul lumber up and down the Pacific Coast and used in the Bering Sea codfishing trade. In 1970 the Wawona became a National Historic Site and she was the first ship in the nation […]

  • Shared Concerns in Canberra

    The concerned citizens are having a show, about the concerns that used to concern them. Perhaps these are still their concerns, but perhaps not.

  • Vote for more IMAGINE Peace Now

    Boris Bally must not sleep, so please vote for the IMAGINE show to keep touring so he can get some rest! Me, I sleep, a lot. I made a video (in my waking moments) of the work that’s in Boris’ show, for those of you who won’t get to see it IMAGINE Peace Now.

  • social unit

    Melissa is showing a collection of new works in the Drawing the Line exhibiiton at Facèré in Seattle, starting May 3rd.

  • 5 years

    I moved to the USA. Everything changed. Nothing changed.