Day 2: fill in the blanks

Day 2 at Where Do I Come From, a workshop being hosted by Helen Britton.

We’re making blanking tools with Helen. This is where you make a tool that is used for cutting multiples of a shape in sheet metal. To do this you saw through a sheet of sprung steel while it is held against an angled bench pin. The angle is necessary so as to enable the metal that is later sandwiched between the two surfaces to be sheared easily.

Using this method you can make the punch and die in the same stroke of the saw blade, as both are part of a single sheet of sprung steel.

And in keeping with the title, there’s no image today as I forgot to take a snap of the tools, called ‘blankers’, as well as the blanks – the cut out pieces of metal that were the ultimate result of todays graft. Tomorrow, for sure.

Day 1: Where do I come from?

Day 1 at Where Do I Come From, a workshop Melissa is attending at RMIT, being hosted by Helen Britton.

So like I said, I’m doing the short course at RMIT this week. I thought I’d share what I get up to each day, so here goes.

Day 1: two images of the city.

After being instructed to go out and take photos we sat to study what we captured. Before departing we were told to try and see the city with news eyes, as if we were tourists. It was tougher for some than others; being a fairly new recruit to the city myself I found it pretty easy to forget what little I know. But then again, I seemed to find what I always do in any city – junctions, slippages and odd details.