Exhibition Opportunities

I’ve been looking at these two and weighing up whether I have the time +/ inclination. On the + side I think there should be jewellery exhibited in every art prize in the country. On the – side: I’m running out of hours/day.

Stan + Maureen Duke Gold Coast Art Prize

Gosford Art Prize

And then there’s this:

AusCo Creative Australia Fellowships

but there’s plenty of time to get onto that one yet.

2 surprises earlier this week

On Wednesday night I was surprised by an invite to see the latest show by Tom Moore at a gallery in Prahran. (Thanks Tass + Dave!) I was really impressed to see these works ‘up close and personal’, as I had seen Tom’s work, quite deliciously animated, on an ABC arts program previously.

The other surprise was to meet Blanche Tilden, über glass jeweller, at the gallery too. She happens to be a long time friend of Tom’s, which given his medium is glass, makes a lot of sense. She was absolutely lovely.

I’m so lucky to be a jewellist 🙂

Last word on Love Lace

This time last week I was in Sydney, where I got to have a sneak peek at the Love Lace exhibition at The Powerhouse on Thursday morning. This is what I was there to check on:

Melissa Cameorn, Blue Tin Set 2011. As installed at The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
Melissa Cameorn, Blue Tin Set 2011. As installed at The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Everything seems tickety-boo.. I wonder what else there is to see around here?

Start your engines.. Engineer was tinkering, and swear I saw some steam eminate from this contraption!
Lit Love Lace poster, captured outside Central Train Station, Sydney.

These guys were everywhere too. I was probably a bit sensitive to their charms though. I was seeing them everywhere, at least. (And no, not always looking quite like this.)

If you’re up in Sydney go check it out, it’s actually a really interesting show. It finishes April next year some time.


These brooches are available in Canberra at Bilk Gallery.

Autumn Lines. Melissa Cameron, 2011. Stainless Steel, 925 silver fixings.
Icy Stacked Window, Melissa Cameron, 2011. Stainless Steel, 925 silver fixings.
Gothic Window Brooch, Melissa Cameron, 2011. Stainless Steel, 925 silver fixings.

Silver at the Arts Centre

I’ve suddenly developed an interest in the Maxwell and Merle Carroll Silver Collection at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. This link explains some of the pieces, and at the end mentions augmenting the collection with the acquisitive prize. The previous link shows an image of some pieces, presumably from the collection.

I thought the award had been going on for longer than that (the article states it began in ’07), but having moved to Melbourne in 2007, and having first visited Buda during the Silver Exhibition that same year, I just assumed that the format it had that year was the way it had always been.

So there isn’t a vast vault of recent silversmithing acquisitions in the Arts Centre that we’re not seeing. Not just yet. Though there is a large collection of Max and Merle’s trinkets. Must be worth a look?