Exhibition – Marfa, TX

5807: 30,18.2138N, 104,1.3102W

I’ll post the invitation to the opening as soon as I have it, but in the mean time, there’s a few preview photos for my upcoming exhibition, entitled Marfa, TX, going up about the place. First up there’s Garland, and check Bilk’s website for the latest sneak peek.

And for those of you in the vicinity of Canberra, come see me at the opening on Friday the 13th. Bilk is helping me to transform the space just a little for the show so there’ll be a lot to see, beyond the 30+ works in found steel, enamel and, (wait for it) gold!

And if you check Instagram today you can see a work in progress in the videos. Not to mention the months of previous progress shots…

Marfa, TX

mapping the places I picked up bits of discarded steel in Texas

In 2017 I went on vacation to Marfa, TX, with Bruce and Elaine. It’s in the Chihuahuan desert; there, dropped steel has a long life on the ground. Seeing steel, and knowing I could geotag what I picked up using my phone’s camera, I started a solo scavenger hunt. It covered a campsite; a former US military base (now a part of the Chinati Foundation); the grounds of hotels, diners, galleries and museums; and the dusty streets and sidewalks of the town.

This map shows what I found where, and when.

click on a point to see the find in that location

Melbourne and Perth and Sydney – events to get y’all out of the studio

Short films and a performance; crafting experience as well as the object

Last Friday night I went to the Real to Reel Craft Film Festival here in Perth and it was incredible! Presented by local craft heroes Maker & Smith (organisers of workshops, talks and other beautifully thought-out and executed events) it is screening again this Friday night in Perth at Camelot Cinema. The fest is then touring to Melbourne – end of this month – and Sydney – early next – so check out that first link for dates. I love a short film fest, and this was one for the ages.

Also in Melbourne you have the Su san Cohn performance Meaninglessness in the middle of this month. Please go, it looks to be another powerful presentation from one of Australia’s finest jewellery thinkers. I look forward to living vicariously.