Burgled – Sept/Oct 2015 – Photos below

Yup, our house was burgled. Here’s some photos of the missing jewels.

We arrived home from tour trip on Monday night at about 8pm to find out that our house had been burgled in our 1-month absence. I guess I should have enlisted a house sitter as we rushed off to Australia..

My dresser drawers were pretty extensively ransacked but the thieves were pretty choosy, tossing aside some pieces (my beloved Brenda Ridgewell brooches for instance), with their eyes alighting on my work particularly, and a few beautiful vintage and antique finds from my mum, nan and grandmother. These were not photographed, though one piece is a silver version of this little guy (if anyone wants to hazard an approximate price for replacement of this 1970’s piece, I’d be happy to know it. Having researched the genre, it’s more delicate than others of its kind, and is, as far as I can tell, somewhat rare) and another very similar to this stag brooch, though a little older and more refined, with an amethyst in place of the citrine.

I also lost assorted rings, gold and silver, and silver chains – one a Prince of Wales vintage piece, and the earrings I made that I was married in. One distinctive cast gold ring has Tutankhamen’s mask on a very wide band that tapers towards the rear, with the face flanked by 4 bezel-set diamonds, kept within top and bottom bordering bands of twisted metal. There is also an 1800’s rose gold, engraved and hinged (with security chain) bangle in its original slimline flip-topped leather box that had journeyed from England to Canada, to Australia and then back north with me to Seattle, from my grandmother. These I might just have to sketch.

Anyway, for those of you in the area – and as you well know, there’s a lot of jewellers around Seattle – if you happen upon one of these items around the traps, please get in touch.

The pieces pictured below were all made by me, circa 2005-2006, in sterling silver with some gold as indicated. I did not makers mark them, so there are no marks to look for, though I trust that you’ll agree that the shapes are generally distinctive.

The Seattle police are dealing with the issue, though as with most jewelry thefts of this nature, I’m not holding out much hope of seeing these pieces again. We are insured, and in light of recent events in Australia, I’m more annoyed at having more paperwork to do than losing a few items of jewellery, especially the ones I could remake. I include photos of what I can as they may lead to the rest of the stash, which in themselves were probably taken for their ease of recycling. If you are commissioned to melt some silver in the next little while, please look out!

I thank you in advance for spreading the word, and encourage you go and photograph all of your treasures, or sell them off or even melt them before someone else has the chance to!

925 silver, 10 kt gold (around the base of 6 of the cups, where it connects to the stem) 69” long continuous loop that can be worn as bracelet, choker or long 2 strand necklace
925 silver, 10 kt gold (around the base of 7 capped cups – RHS – where it connects to the stem.) 69” long continuous loop that can be worn as bracelet, choker or long 2 strand necklace
925 Silver and found plastic object on 36” , approx 1mm wide ball chain
The Tourist: 925 Silver and found plastic object on 36” and approx .9mm wide ball chain
Inscribed 925 silver pendant on 36” 1mm ball chain
Inscribed 925 silver pendant on 36” 1mm ball chain
925 Silver and painted metal (model of a waiter, from Paris) on 24” 0.8mm ball chain (image depicts alternate insert, chain not photographed)
925 Silver and painted metal (model of a waiter, from Paris) on 24” 0.8mm ball chain
(image depicts alternate insert, chain not photographed)
Constellation ring: 10 kt gold (internal band of top section) and 925 silver ring
Constellation ring: 10 kt gold (internal band of top section) and 925 silver ring
925 silver, gold granule in centre of each cup
925 silver, gold granule in centre of each cup

Over and over

Bruce Cameron, 1949-2015

I went to get my Dad’s car fixed at Hilltop Automotive in my recent month-long Perth visit. The “Fuel Filter Maintenance” screen icon on the dash of his Land Cruiser has been lighting up our driving experience for over a week, which he would never have let slide. Would never have. The change in tense is something that we’re all still working on. He Is. He Was. He Has. He Had. He does. He did.

It seems strangely loyal that his gear would protest his death – first it was the fuel filter on his SUV, and just after arrived I home from the Hilltop excursion, I watched as the batteries on his gourmet one-touch pepper grinder (a gift to himself that was often ridiculed by the family) slowed to a stop while my sister was preparing dinner. The thing requires an army of batteries. We speculated that that would be the end for it, that we’d better find a manual grinder. Turns out there was a stash of AA’s in the kitchen drawer, ready for duty. Mum loaded them in, admitting that she didn’t mind using it for cooking.

In taking Dad’s vehicle to Hilltop, I had to tell John, the vehicle maintenance man for our family. He had been unsurprised to have received a call from a Cameron girl, even about Dad’s car. Soon after our greetings I inquired, “Have you heard about Dad recently?” Telling people about Dad everywhere I go feels like a mini-coming out. (Well, as close as a CIS gendered hetero female might ever get to the experience.) I know that just for my part in the last weeks of life and first weeks of death of my father, I have had to tell employers, gallery owners, curators, collaborators – you know, all the ‘stakeholders’ in my little sphere of interest – in places over the world, thus developing a sense of the geographic scale of the social networks that we inhabit. Unlike his actual death, my disclosure is not a singular event, so I have had to break the news over and over again, most often to people who never knew him.

But John, he knew him. Off the top of his head, just after I told him, came; “He’s been coming here for nineteen years.” This unexpected morsel tripped from his tongue in his lyrical west-country-England-tinged accent, as he opened up the bonnet of the big white vehicle and started unwinding some screws. He looked over at me, screwdriver busy in hand, “He’d come and we’d compare heart medications.” My dad, in conflict with his skinny frame, was on some heavy-duty anti-coagulants, while it seems John is on Statins. Dad had to go off these before his two surgeries last year, when the surgeon went in to vacuum up what combined to a golf-ball sized chunk of melanoma tumour from his brain. John is still on his, and is keeping very fit. He’ll be running the New York Marathon next week. I told him I’d wave from across the country.

Perhaps it was because my Dad lived practically all of his life in the Perth hills, the locus of mourning seemed to be close by while I was near my family in Lesmurdie. Yet unseen, the reverberations of his loss of life continue far beyond the hills, as if when his heart stopped this movement superseded his heartbeat.

The energy that conveyed the change from life to its opposite echoes in a wave that has spanned oceans. Intermittently it bounces off unseen obstacles, enabling it to crisscross boundaries, although haphazardly. The signal changes in strength and the movement is erratic, so I will have to keep reinforcing it. We all do. And as we do, our loss is reinforced.

Bruce Cameron entered hospice care on the 24th of September and died on the 9th of October, 2015.


Schmuck/Talente deadlines have been extended

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a bit of a time getting my Schmuck entry in this year. I’m finally done (phew!) but completing it did involve tedious word counts and emailing the images – a bit unusual. One thing it did not involve was Firefox, so try another browser. I had to use Safari.

So, as per last year (and the previous if I recall correctly), I was unsurprised to find that the Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern has now extended the deadlines.

Talente 2016 (Bewerbung bis 15.10.15 möglich)
Schmuck 2016 (Bewerbung bis 10.10.15 möglich)

Schmuck is now due on the 10th of October and Talente on the 15th. Good luck everyone!