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I’ve got stuff on. I know, I know, we’re all doing stuff… 😉

One Design

My new collection of work – One Design – from the 2013 pattern “Clouds” is going on display in at Studio 20/17 Sydney, and as a part of Sydney Design there will be an accompanying workshop. I made the video above to give a bit more insight into how I work with the laser cut materials, and have included a sneak peak of a few finished works too. Check it out!

Studio 20/17
6b/2 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW
1st – 30th of August
11am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday

One Design - #25 Titanium Pendant 05
Work #24 from One Design – Pendant-05. Melissa Cameron, 2014.

23rd August, 2014 at Studio 20/17

How many different objects can you create from one pattern? Be part of a fun DIY collaborative workshop to create unique works from a suite of pre-cut forms designed by jewellery artist Melissa Cameron. The class will be held in the gallery space to ensure that the new works do not duplicate any pieces in the exhibition. The results will be shown alongside the artist’s work for the duration of the exhibition and can then be taken home by the participants.

Sydney Design link to Exhibition and Workshop

Then, there’s this:

Powder Case - base material for Powder Case Triptych I & II

REclaim / REpurpose – a showcase of artists working in repurposed materials, curated by Seliena Coyle.
On show throughout August 2014
Ebrington, Derry, Northern Ireland
with a link to my works here.

Continuing the blog tour…

A blog about blogging.

Hello and welcome fellow blog aficionados.

Last week I was tagged into (that appears to be the mutually agreed correct term) a blog tour of artists and artisans, by the wonderful, and recently relocated, Sonya Scott. I have to admit to being pretty chuffed, despite the fact that I’ve not taken such a tour since the early ‘blog rings’ of the 90’s. Well, until now and kinda in retrospect – but I’d encourage anyone to do the same. Sonya’s blog post and it’s predecessors are some good reading – and I say that without bias, as prior to these recent shenanigans I was already following Sonya’s blog.

Anyway, seeing as though I am definitely into blogs and blogging, (above all social media – if you don’t mind agreeing to call it that for the moment at least) I think it’s a grand idea, and I have duly whittled down my reader list to share with y’all a few of my faves. Three to be exact, which was really punishing as my shortlist consisted of three times that amount.

Now, dispensing with the ado:

1| Claire McArdle

Yup, not technically a blog. What a controversial way to start my blog tour! But it is a feed, and that’s how I judge blog content (while it serves the purposes of this experiment at least…) Claire’s news feed includes enough snippets and tidbits for me to be completely intrigued by what is going on in her mind and her hands.

For the full experience, click on the ‘contact’ tab and put yourself onto her mailing list. To be blunt, I think she is one of the most innovative jewellery makers and thinkers at the present moment. She stands behind her work with an impressive record of eye popping solo ‘exhibitions’ – some might call some of these performances and/or experiences, as well as that of others with her record of curating well researched and worthy group shows.

2| Whatnot & Such

Caitie Sellers makes jewelry that I will explain for the sake of expedience, as framed lined drawings of elements of architecture, urban design and cityscapes. She makes small sculptures of the same that are even more impressive. I love the work because it speaks to my aesthetic sensibility, because it is beautifully made and perhaps more truthfully, because of her blog.

I “met” Caitie long before I moved to the US, and I felt a surprisingly direct contact with her, because of the shy/sly wit that is cumulatively exhibited through her writings and postings. In a country where people are encouraged to have their life story ready in easily regurgitatable chunks – aka an ‘elevator pitch’ – the slow burn of her writings is not only remarkably appealing, but compellingly against trend. It’s also helpful that the thinking, writings and works are symbiotic, making her posts always ring clear and true.

3| Daniel Davis

Serious architecture scholar, originally from New Zealand. Works in architectural computation/research and with the best in the business. Good sense of humour. Thinker. Is intermittently working under Mark Burry on Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família. Nuff said?

I don’t really want to admit this, but: I have on occasion been at a loss following him. I’d like to think that the equation is that he’s super-smart and not that I’m not the sharpest graver on the bench, but I can accept the latter because… His writing keeps me engaged so I want to understand. Many a time I have happily jumped from his blog to doing supplementary research – and that includes scores of times when I did follow along. I have always found that the topics he covers are a great jumping off point for thinking about buildings and their design.  I liken it to a good stretch for the architectural bit of my brain. And I did mention engaging, yes?

I’ve been following him since my thesis days, and while I’ve parted company with plenty of bloggers who helped me grow for a time before I was ready to move on, Daniel’s blog has stayed in my reader list. Now he’s at CASE the posts are more commercially directed (or should I say trade-publication-ready – as he has mentioned himself), but I’m still with him. Thanks Daniel, again, and if you’re ever in Seattle I’ll take you out for an almost-Melbourne-quality coffee. Oh, and I still think that ‘hanging chain model’  is a good name for a band.


So, them’s my peeps. Thank you all for indulging me, and to the extra visitors, thank you for taking a chance on these here ramblings! And to my worthy predecessor – thank you for your post, and indeed, your blog. They were lovely words, and beautifully written. Oh, and I wouldn’t have had a heart attack – there are nuts and there are NUTS!

xx m

Joyaviva: Bolivia and Chile

Joyaviva: a jewellery exhibition or a marathon? It’s got to be the longest running charm show ev-ah 😉

News just in from curator extraordinaire, Kevin Murray:

Joyaviva is now on its home stretch. On 29 July it will be presented in La Paz, Bolivia. This was the site of a workshop, and although there are no local artists in the exhibition there was much interest in the theme.

On 7 August, it will open at Centro Cultural Las Condes, followed by a seminar at Universidad de Chile on 8 August. It will be there until 31 August.

And the invitation to the Chile exhibition features work by Alice Whish

invitacion joyeria

If you’re not familiar with the Joyaviva exhibition, or the collaborative C3 works that Jill Hermans and I created for this show, check out some links around here and the Joyaviva website and Facebook page.

Deadlines July 2014

Collected deadlines for jewellery artists for exhibitions, competitions, awards, print opportunities and so on…

My good mate JILL HERMANS is teaching a Shibuichi Earring Workshop. THIS WEEKEND!! at One of Two gallery in outer Melbourne. 10am – 4pm, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of July. Jill is both a wonderful person and excellent teacher, so I can’t recommend this class highly enough. Please check it out!!


For recent CaFE entries I encourage you to see what is being offered by checking out their site and even signing up for the email updates.

Are you in The Britain? Sign up to the benchpeg newsletter, whydoncha? They’ll send you a much more professional newsletter with this kind of material, weekly.

*** This month’s new additions ***

*** Shibuichi Earring Workshop. As I mentioned (but will again, because I’m so excited about it!!)  JILL HERMANS is teaching a SHIBUICHI class THIS WEEKEND!! at One of Two gallery in outer Melbourne. 10am – 4pm, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of July. Get along!

*** Fall/winter internship: Heidi Lowe Gallery. Applications: July 30th, 2014.

*** We Are Snag. “the first in a series of juried online “WE ARE SNAG” member exhibitions.” Closes on July 31st, 2014.

Mesa Arts Center – various opportunities from juried craft shows to solo exhibitions. Various deadlines from August 2014 onwards.

Koru 5. Triennial event organized by Finnish Jewellery Art Association. DEADLINE for applications is 1.8.2014. (That’s the 1st of August for you Americans ;) )

Niche Awards. For “craft artist[s] residing in the U.S. or Canada, and especially seeks artists who are designing and making work for resale by stores and galleries. ” Professional Deadline: August 18, 2014

Stables Gallery run by Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham: Lacemakers. Call due Friday 5th September 2014.

Wayne Arts Center juried exhibition Craft Forms 2014. Entries due September 20th, 2014.

The Metal Arts Guild of Canada, CONCEAL/REVEAL: Exhibition in Print 2014. Submission Deadline: 30 September 2014

*** Jewelry Forum (AJF) is accepting applications for its 2014 Artist Award [Formerly their Emerging Artist award – I think…] NEW RULES THIS YEAR! – eg. you must be 35 years or under. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2014.

*** Gallery 110 CALL FOR ART – International! 5th Annual Juried Exhibition February 5 – 28, 2015. Deadline for entries October 22, 2014.

***GIA is accepting scholarship applications online for its 2015 Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing Arts programs” (Quote from SNAG Springboard). Deadline October 31st, 2014

Preziosa Young 2015. “Worldwide goldsmiths, silversmiths, designers, artists, professionals, students, may submit their candidature, provided that they are not older than 35 years at the end of 2014. The selected artists (6 to 10) will be invited to take part to PREZIOSA Exhibition in Florence.” Deadline: 15 Nov 2014.

Rolling + Undated Opportunities

* Job Opportunity * Curator of Fine Metalwork – Exhibitions Manager
Metal Museum, Memphis, TN. Please email or mail resume, letter of interest and three references to Carissa Hussong, Metal Museum, 374 Metal Museum Drive, Memphis, TN 38106,

Artist in Residence in the Industrial Monument Jakob Bengel – Idar-Oberstein, Germany. 1-3 month residency for jewellers in the factory, including stipend and accommodation! Looks amazing.

Assistantships, Residencies, Volunteering & Employment at Touchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington, PA.

PORTFOLIO AND EXHIBITION PROPOSALS FOR LINCOLN CENTER ART GALLERIES – entry via CaFE, but instructions on the linked site (hint, scroll down).

The Peoria Art Guild. “Currently accepting submissions, and are sending out a call to artists, around the world and at all stages in their careers, to submit their portfolios for consideration.”

Commissioners’ Choice Invitational Lone Tree Arts Center.– entry via CaFE, but instructions on the linked site (hint, scroll down).

Contemporary Metal in Perth have updated their class timetable and there is some great stuff on offer. Check it!

Tributaries: Call for entries. The Metal Museum, in Memphis, has an ongoing call for exhibitions from emerging and mid-career artists. First deadline Feb 2013, for upcoming shows, and they keep applications on file for 2 years.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts + Sciences in North Carolina have a permanent exhibition call out, with shows booked 2-3 years in advance.

And finally

There’s this Art Prize Website for Aussie artists, where you can sign up for regular updates.

Tonight in Melbourne!

EMM – Ethical makers talking about making ethically.


First question – what is EMM? From the Northcity4 website:

As a result of the OMWL forum a new movement has evolved called the Ethical Makers Movement. The logo was designed by Vicky Shorokuglou and can be seen on the EMM Facebook  & Google pages.

Northcity4, along with organisers and participants from OMWL, have been involved in establishing and hosting this new initiative EMM.

This in from EMM co-coordinator Suse Scholem:

Greetings all!

We’d love you to join us for what promises to be an exciting evening!

With the ongoing success of our adventurous outing Seeding the Cloud (to be continued), we are delighted to host a talk by the renown contemporary jeweller Vicki Mason at Northcity4 in Brunswick.

Vicki will be discussing her practice, including the ethics and issues surrounding her making and materials.

Come along and garner some insights into the amazingly intricate and thoughtful work of Vicki Mason!

We’ll warm up with tea (provided) and conversation (byo :p)
And bring some nibbles to share!

When: Thursday 17 July, 6.15 – 7.30pm
Where:  Northcity4, 61 Weston St, Brunswick
RSVP: By 11 July to

In the Melbourne? Get along, it promises to be a rich and rewarding evening.

It’s done!

The One Design exhibiiton of Melissa’s works opens in Sydney on the 1st of August, 2014.

Two weeks ago today I finished making pieces for my upcoming One Design exhibition, taking place in Sydney throughout August, at Studio 20/17.

Last week the Sydney Design 2014 (subtitled Design Futures) website went live, where you can find a link to the show as well as the workshop I have designed to take place at Studio 20/17, also happening during the festival.

And this week I share with you an image of one of the thirty new works that will be presented in the show.

One Design - #07 Ring 01

Needless to say, if you’re in Sydney in August please go and check it out! It’s on at:

Studio 20/17
6b/2 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW
1st – 30th of August
11am-5pm, Tuesday – Saturday.