Commission delivered!

Melissa shares the fruits of a commission – a ring in stainless steel and a titanium bracelet.

Phew! Thankfully the discerning Kate was delighted with the result, and has also allowed me to share images of the works here.

Melissa Cameron, 'Kate Clouds Bracelet', 2013. Titanium, stainless steel, silver solder (hard). Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, ‘Kate Clouds Bracelet’, 2013. Titanium, stainless steel, silver solder (hard). Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, 'Winter Lines Ring', 2013. Stainless steel, silver solder (hard). Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, ‘Winter Lines Ring’, 2013. Stainless steel, 925 silver, silver solder (hard). Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, 'Winter Lines Ring', 2013. Stainless steel, silver solder (hard). Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, ‘Winter Lines Ring’, 2013. Stainless steel, 925 silver,  silver solder (hard). Image © Melissa Cameron

Ordered during my last trip to Melbourne in November last year, the new stainless and silver ring is just about the final piece from my Sieve series of works, while the titanium, steel and 925 silver solder bracelet was designed as the main part of a new pattern, which have been dubbed Kate’s Clouds after the commissioner. Expect a few more works from this series in the near future, which are also the first sliced and diced by my newly sourced laser cutters in Massachusetts in the USA.

Kate long ago emailed to see if I happened to make rings, and at the time my response while I wasn’t currently producing them I was interested in investigating the idea, though it might take some time. Her contact again, initially to produce just the bracelet, was the impetus I needed to devote more time to work on the creation of my first ring, and in quick succession, my second and third rings. That first one was a test, then Kate’s unashamedly large cocktail ring Winter Lines was pieced together, then soon after came a third, made in silver (as a part of a ring-neckpiece-bracelet parure), for my entry into the Revolt. 22nd Legnica international Jewellery competition in Poland.

Three rings. Now all I need is the circus…

Deadlines March 2013

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

Upcoming opportunities to exhibit, learn, earn or perhaps even teach, from all over the place (but mostly in Australia and the USA.) ** New additions

Undated Opportunities

See also SNAG’s Springboard, (the successor to SNAGnet) to check out and add new opportunities.

Patina Gallery seeks Master International Artists. Make ‘Soul-Stirring’ works? Wanna be one of 3 artists added to their stable? No deadline, but post went up Jan 23rd, so perhaps sooner rather than later?

Tributaries: Call for entries. The Metal Museum, in Memphis, has an ongoing call for exhibitions from emerging and mid-career artists. First deadline Feb 2013, for upcoming shows, and they keep applications on file for 2 years.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts + Sciences in North Carolina have a permanent exhibition call out, with shows booked 2-3 years in advance.

Lord Coconut in Melbourne has outdone himself by publishing this listing of opportunities for artists in his gallery. As ever, this is to exhibit jewellery for men. Thanks to Karen at Melbourne Jeweller for the heads up.

Opportunities with deadlines

Revolt. 22nd Legnica international Jewellery competition. Cash + silver prizes and/or exhibition opportunity. Actual works due (which must include silver and respond to the theme) March 29th, 2013.

Appalachian Center for Craft: Call out for solo or group exhibitions 2014-2015. Due March 31st, 2013.

** Premio Fondazione Cominelli Award for Contemporary Jewellery. Jewellery competition, entry fees apply. First Prize €2000, second €1000. Due April 10th, 2013.

**Quality Images of Contemporary Brooches and Pins. Clunky title, interesting idea. Have your work shown at the 2013 SNAG conference, without the hassle of international postage/customs. Show images! Due April 20, 2013.

** Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables. Australia and New Zealand resident artists, this one is for you. Entries must be postmarked Friday May 3, 2013

** 2013 SNAG Conference – Meta-Mosaic. Toronto, May 15-18 2013.

** Cheongju International Craft Biennale. South Korean competition and exhibition. This year’s theme: Something old, something new. Prize money amounts, and amount of awards being made have changed since 2011, with more money for less artists being the general trend (this info is available under the 첨부파일 (2) link which appears just below the ‘Attach Entry Form’ link, which is all on the landing page from my link above). June 13, 2013

** Making Jewelry Magic with the Orion Pulse Arc Welders: OK, so it’s just a class at the Southern Highland Craft Center in Asheville, NC, but I really want to go. I’ve been stopping into Orion’s page a lot of late (Tony Price – whoever that is – still keeps on trying to engage me with chat each time I open the window…) so when I saw this I was already primed to go. Anyway, it’s only $110, and on June 22nd and 23rd 2013.


The list is a bit thin this month – please let me know if you’ve seen any opportunities of note.

**disclaimer – please check all dates for veracity, and watch out for time zone shenanigans**

Lecture at Contemporary Metal

I’m giving another lecture, this time it’s open to the public, so long as you can get to Perth in Western Australia by next Tuesday…! From the flyer put out by Contemporary Metal:

Melissa Cameron will be at contemporary metal studio, unit 4,77-79 Howe St Osborne Park, on Tuesday march 19th at 6.30pm, to give a talk about her work and life in Seattle.

Melissa is a maker and writer, and very well published and awarded, and will bring images and work to show and discuss. Please come along for a glass of wine and exciting international contemporary jewellery. I look forward to seeing you at our first artist talk. (Please bring a gold coin donation)

Jeepers. It better be all killer, no filler, eh?

I’d best get onto that…

Melissa Cameron. Circle Plate Set, 2011. Antique silver plated nickelsilver plate, stainless steel, 925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron. Circle Plate Set, 2011. Antique silver plated nickelsilver plate, stainless steel, 925 silver. Image © Melissa Cameron


Laser Sintering

Melissa discussing laser sintering, as it has recently come to gold.

**edit** I got so excited about the technology yesterday, I didn’t clearly articulate that I was referring to specific source material, just published by the BBC. So here goes:

Chris Vallance for the BBC has just published an article on How tech is transforming jewellery. In his piece he specifically reference a new machine that uses laser sintering to create gold jewellery works. As I mentioned in my presentation at the 2010 Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia conference – the next big thing in jewellery manufacture would be laser sintering. Finally I have some justification!

Sintering? Printing directly onto a granulated media using a laser – in this case with gold powder. (In my presentation I mentioned steel and titanium, but it was only a matter of time before gold got a guernsey.) It’s similar to the existing forms also known as direct deposition printing which are available through your average print shop (Shapeways or Ponoko), which to date have been able to work with plaster and a few types of plastic, in that there is a deposition of the media, then the laser comes in and fuses that layer to the one previous. (With plaster/plastic there is not necessarily a laser involved in fusing layers, instead a layer of adhesive is applied, then the next layer of material.)

Unlike building with a wax, you don’t need to also deposit supports as the loose media surrounding the object stabilises the piece until it is finished, after which you just brush the excess material off. My guess is that it will still have striations, a hallmark of other ‘printing’ processes, but being gold they will be relatively easy to work with. Cleanup of these kinds of printed works present their own challenges however, in that the resolution of a print is not always kept during sanding and buffing procedures. Speaking with a local designer who works with many ‘grown’ objects, he tells me that you have to be careful of your resolution, since if you design really small features as a part of a larger object, they might not survive the cleanup.

Cookson’s, the company featured in the article (Ok, full title, Cookson Precious Metals), are like the Rio Grande of the UK, and are located (well, at least the branch I visited) in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. They have invested in a new machine that you can use (obviously with the right 3D file – and plenty of money to pay for the print and the actual part), which now takes its place alongside all of their other supplies that they sell for jewellery makers.

Interesting times ahead!!

Thanks to Wing Mun Devenney (@ispymagpie on Twitter) for the heads up.

Pretty Fancy

Melissa’s works are now stocked in Fancy, a jewellery gallery in downtown Seattle.

I’m really excited to announce that local jewellery retail gallery Fancy, in downtown Seattle, are the newest space to stock my works. Huzzah for new-home-town representation!

Melissa Cameron, Mottled Blue Star, 2010-2013. Titanium, stianless steel, silver solder. Image © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Mottled Blue Star, 2010-2013. Titanium, stainless steel, silver solder. Image © Melissa Cameron

Ferrous is up!

Ferrous – the exhibition of steel jewellery works – is up at Crafthaus. Check it!

For those of y’all who were unable to make it to the opening of the Ferrous exhibition in San Francisco on the 1st of this month, and for anyone who won’t make it either during its run there or when a selection of the works travel to 18 Karat gallery in Toronto where it will be on during the SNAG conference, there is yet one more way to see all the work in this beautiful and wildly varied survey show.

Online at Crafthaus!

Check it out 😉

Going to Pittsburgh

Melissa goes to Pittsburgh. Shenanigans ensue (hopefully!)

That’s right, I’m leaving Seattle tomorrow for Pittsburgh where I’m spending over a week getting amongst it. What is it? Well, check out my itinerary:

  • I’ll be teaching a workshop this Saturday and Sunday at Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC) in partnership with Construction Junction and Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, where I’ll guide students in the adaptive reuse of re-purposed objects for the creation of wearable jewelry. Come join me!
  • Saturday night: also at SCC from 5-6pm come down and meet me (please!) at the Visiting Artist Reception. Free!
  • Monday: I’m guest lecturing for Jim Bove’s students at California State University (Don’t get confused Australia – it’s still in Pennsylvania)
  • Tuesday: I begin guest-teaching a recycled art project at a local high school.
  • Thursday: I head to Slippery Rock University to meet Sean Macmillan and do a technical demonstration with his metalsmithing students in the morning, then a lunch-time guest lecture from 12:30pm.
  • Friday: Sees me hanging out with students from the Studio Arts Department at the University of Pittsburgh. I will give a Visiting Artist lecture to the students visiting the SCC gallery, in front of the work on show.
  • Saturday night: I’m going to join the SCC in getting Out Of Hand. (More details below.)


Contemporary Craft’s annual fundraiser

celebrating the hand and its role in the creative experience

Saturday, March 9, 2013
7:30 – 10:30 pm
Society for Contemporary Craft
2100 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15222
This is not your typical fundraiser!  Join us for:

Silent art auction | Hands-on art stations
Artist demonstrations | Local fare from the Strip
Flash auction featuring exclusive packages
Live music & performances
Tickets here!



Melissa Cameron Contemporary Craft

We’re pleased to announce Australian metalsmith Melissa Cameron will be joining us at Out of Hand where she’ll be demonstrating her unique approach to using recycled objects to create beautiful jewelry.  Try your hand at your own “confetti necklace” and don’t miss the opportunity to chat with this Bridge 12 artist.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the city and meeting a bunch of creative people, so if you’re in Pittsburgh, please come and say hi!