Jessica Rosenkrantz from Nervous System (I’ve spoken before about these amazing creators) has just tweeted a bunch of cool images of new prototypes, created from the drawings they were profiling as a part of this post.

I have to admit at being kinda blasé about the drawing with accompanying video when I saw it on the blog a while back, but wow. I’m very impressed at the finished works.

Look out contemporary/art/research/whatever-you-wanna-call-yourselves jewellers, the designers are coming…


Cad News! (It’s been a while, eh?)

Tinkercad has just been released, winning the race to be the first cad program that is fully functional inside a web browser – that is, so long as you have Google Chrome of Firefox as your browser (at this stage at least). The concept of browser-cad has been approaching for a while, and it’s a great idea, since will make it easier to do tune ups to drawings on-the-fly, making sitting down to design more like ‘preparing’ to write an email (as in, how often do you really have to do that?) and less like making ready to do your taxes.

Tinkercad is not that package though – it’s a smaller and less powerful program, and as they say in their demo video, a learning tool, mostly intended for those new to Cad to get a feel for designing and making single objects or relatively easy parts.

Of course, they are asking for a subscription fee to use their service online, which means it’s still tied to a single user, so once again at the ‘manufacturer’* the difficulties of having the right format to view the drawing still might occur.

After a cursory examination of the tool I can say that it holds true to many of the constructs of the cad programs I know, but in a simplified fashion. A few early comments; I found the arrows for panning around the object annoying, and while the ability to re-size in multiple directions at once using grips was good, the grips were hard to get a hold of.

I have to say though, as a simple and direct way to get hold of some cad software in order to learn or to begin teaching others, I think it’s a great idea.

For more info, have a look at the Hyperallergic article, from which I got the heads up.

*likely the owner of a Makerbot or similar 3D production device

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I promised more

On Once More, With Love. So here it comes, once more, with love!

OMWL nc4 invite

And in addition to that rather speccy invite, here’s a great interview with our fearless leaders, exhibition curators Suse Scholem and Simon Cottrell. In the article by Northcity4 alumnus Ali Limb there’s details on the project, from the initial Ethical Metalsmiths inspired collection and sorting, (which even name checks Jill Hermans and yours truly) to the current incarnation of the exhibition that’s about to kick of in Melbourne to coincide with the Sustainable Living festival.

And then there’s the Australian Art Review write-up of the original incarnation of the exhibition at Studio 20/17 in Sydney.

Also, if you’re into that face-space thing, here’s a link to that invitation.

And might I add that fabulous little Fremantle brewery, Little Creatures, are co-sponsoring the opening? Do you need any more reason to put the opening date and time, Saturday 16th of Feb from 5-7pm, in your diary??

Can’t stop

Recycling! The iPod of last post has been entirely dismantled, but only after I got the miniature tools needed to pull it apart properly. But as soon as I had done that, it had to go on hold so I could make works for the Once More With Love exhibition in Melbourne (the before images of my pieces are below). More details on that show and related shenanigans soon!c Melissa Cameron_OMWL before _Brass Pendant 2013 c Melissa Cameron_OMWL before _Earrings 2013 c Melissa Cameron_OMWL before _Wood Pendant 2013

Bags of loot

01 Bag 1  02 Bag 1 interior

I’ve got bags of recycled jewels. The first one I picked up last Thursday at the end of the first Seattle Metals Guild 2013 Lecture Series presentation by local artist and recent Cranbrook graduate Julia Heineccius. Julia gave an interesting presentation about  herself and her work, what life was like at Cranbrook which touched on the privileges and privations of going to graduate school in this country. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Anyway, back to bags of jewellery.

I picked up this one from Micki Lippe after the lecture. This is a cluster of jewels, the siblings of which have been shoved into many multiples of similar bags. The jewels (which in some cases can only be considered the remains thereof) come from American Eagle Outfitters. I’m not familiar with the brand at all, but I can tell you that they dump a lot of jewellery annually if the evidence collected is anything to go by. But to arrest the tide, someone from their organisation stepped in and offered the bags of loot to the SMG via Micki, and so she has been coordinating efforts to untangle, sort, repair and clean the works and then send the pieces off to local women’s shelters. Again, as told to us all by Micki, the efforts have been much appreciated.

So I took a bag – well, two thirds of a whole one as volunteers outstripped supply on Thursday night – and began sorting on Saturday, along with Turbo. Then, just as we left the house to “take a walk ’round the neighbourhood” (you Aussies should be able to translate that colloquialism yourselves) while it was sunny, Lyndon, our part Maori postman, stopped us saying that he had a registered package that I needed to sign for.

Guess what? Another bag of jewellery!

The Once More, With Love exhibition in Australia is heading to Melbourne from the 16th of February where it will be hosted by Northcity4. My work, Sun God, from the original outings has sold, so co-curator Simon Cottrell asked me if I wanted to make a new work to replace it. I said yes – of course – so he sent me a bag full of recycled jewellery from which to create my piece(s). And now I have more bags of loot recycled jewellery that I know what to do with.

Now see if you can spot the difference;

03 Bag 1 - knot  04 OMWL T2

If you guessed American – left, Australian – right, you’re correct!!

So far Turbo and I have untangled about two-thirds of the jewellery, which is proving an almost irresistible force to two tenacious knot-pickers as we watch TV of an evening, since it’s spread out all over the coffee table in front of us. Last night we gave up on the tele all together and listened to music instead, while he faced off with the mega-knot (left – above, at less than half the original size) and I repaired some of them and remade others from the pile of irreparable parts.

About half the bags of jewels reassembled so far.
About half of the bags of jewels reassembled so far.

Deadlines – January 2013

Upcoming opportunities to exhibit, learn or perhaps even teach, from all over the place (but mostly in Australia and the USA.) ** New additions

** And SNAG have finally added a user-interface to their opportunities website, so go there to check out and add your own opportunities (though please, Aussies especially, continue to alert me of deadlines you don’t see here.)

Maker/wearer/matchmaker. NSW people only. I stand corrected! Open to jewellers who live outside NSW if they’re a JMGA-NSW member at time of submission. Make a work for a Danks St Studios  gallerist to wear for a month. Entries due Jan 14th 2013.

My Australia Exhibition. (Australian artists) Curator Jasmine Matus is planning a long-running show for a very particular kind of space. (Details via the linked PDF). Expressions of interest due Jan 15 2013.

Snag Exhibition In Print 2013 – Call for images of jewellery. Guest Curator Susan Cohn wants your images. One smart, one casual and one… well… your choice. Due Jan 15 2013.

Graduate Metal. For new Australian metal graduates since the 2010 JMGA Perth conference, to be shown at the 2013 JMGA conference in Brisbane. Due Jan 15 2013.

SNAG 2014 Conference Presenters. Want to speak at SNAG? Due Jan 15th 2013.

HDR Awards International Diamond Jewellery Competition. Within the theme of Trompe l’oeil they’re inviting you to get your diamond on. Entries due Jan 15th 2013.

Residency at Studio Rian de Jong. Sponsored by the Francoise van den Bosch foundation. Entries due Jan 18 2013

** Textile Charme, exhibition of wearable textile works in Verona, Italy. Submissions for jurying due Jan 24th.

Australia Council Early Career Residencies. They are what they say, and they offer up to $30K for artists and/or organisations. Due Jan 29th 2013.

La Frontera (trans. the borderlands). Exhibition about the US/Mexico border at Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City and Velvet da Vinci gallery, San Francisco. Submission deadline Jan 30 2013.

Participation and Exchange 2013 Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia conference Call for Papers. Submissions due 31st Jan 2013.

** Australia Council Early Career Fellowships. $30k a year for 2 years for artists with “a track record of significant achievement”. Due Jan 31st

Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award, the award/exhibition formerly known as Buda. This year it’s headed to the Bendigo Art Gallery after many years being hosted by the Buda historic home and garden in Castlemaine. Deadline Feb 1 2013.

National Humanities Award – Medal Design Competition. For artists in the USA, chaps. Deadline Feb 1st 2013.

Amberif Design Award. Polish competition to produce a ring in amber. Deadline Feb 10th, 2013

Haystack’s Open Studio Residency. Open to anyone who can get themselves there. Deadline March 1 2013.

** Confluence: 2013 SNAG Juried Student Exhibition. North American students, to go on show in Toronto at the SNAG conference in May. Entries due March 1st (check time).

Building Jewelry from Found Objects. I’m teaching a class in Pittsburgh at the SCC (I know, I know, how sneaky…) on the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2013.

Design Sans Frontières: Metal Artists In Collaboration. Two designers, one vision. One major clause – one of your pair must be a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada. Due March 15th 2013.

Society for Contemporary Craft Studio apprenticeship and Judy Cheteyan summer scholarship. For college students and recent grads (presumably from US schools). Both opportunities due March 15th, 2013.

Artist Blacksmith Association of North America – first ever convention. Lumpkin and Columbus, Georgia. March 15-17 2013.

** Revolt. 22nd Legnica international Jewellery competition. Cash + silver prizes and/or exhibition opportunity. Actual works due (which must include silver and respond to the theme) March 29th.


**disclaimer – please check all dates for veracity, and watch out for time zone shenanigans**

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Builidng on Ornamenal History

Unusually fancy title, I know. Not mine though, it actually comes from writer/historian Marilyn Zapf, (or perhaps the Society of Contemporary Craft) who wrote the catalogue essay which discusses my work in The Bridge 12 exhibition. If you can’t see the show and grab the little catalogue yourself, you can read it on the blog, alongside a few images of the works.

More on The Bridge

Kurt Shaw, art critic for Trib Live, the website of the newspaper that covers Pittsburgh, PA (did you follow that? It *is* that convoluted) has written a piece on The Bridge exhibition. It’s kinda interesting. Reading Kevin’s section was really interesting, and I’ll admit, mine less so.

If you ever wondered where I buy my recycled objects, that scoop lies within…