and while we’re on baked goods…

I love these! I like baking, puzzles and making 3D designs from 2D objects, so a cookie cutter that turns your biscuits into model-making-materials is so far up my ally it’s practically nestling in my garage between the car and the ‘outside’ broom. Big props to Nami Mizuguchi on being a culinary and geometry genius.

And while we’re on cookie cutters, there’s these from Allan McCollum’s ongoing project (which I first saw a while ago on Kaleidoscope) in which he is attempting to make a shape for every person on the planet.

Imagine being able to use them all – that’s a lot of flour and eggs…

STOP PRESS! A cake cutting-cnc machine. One (rather complicated) way to avoid the chore of dividing up a birthday cake. There will still have to be someone on hand to pass round the paper plates and serviettes though.

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